Bedtime Knife

A girlfriend, a Choctaw cousin, drives up from Louisiana to spend a weekend with our family. She is ornery like me. Saturday morning she wheels in her old rattle-trap pickup. We hug and kiss and carry on. Our girlfriend is wearing her buck knife strapped around her waist as always.

We work at making sure she enjoys a fun weekend of skinny dipping over at Mountain Fork river, riding our horses around our farming community to visit with friends and relatives she has not seen for a time. Saturday night we enjoy a good supper followed by sitting out on our spacious farmhouse front porch to watch for lightning bugs and to feed mosquitoes while fruit jar sipping white lightning and swapping lies. Quite pleasant and relaxing but not so relaxing for long; she and I secretly plan to pull a stunt on my cowboy husband.

Late evening, lightning grinning and looking to sow wild oats, we head for bed to enjoy each other and sleep in late. We begin undressing, our cowboy, standing at end of bed, enjoys watching us acting up and teasing him while stripping. We two girls are quite naughty with a sprinkle of outright nasty seasoning. We put on a good show French kissing and fondling; true kissing cousins and more.

My cousin takes her time, flirts and teases a lot. Nude waist up, she sits on end of bed then pops his Levi fly buttons. Fun to watch her play, she reaches right in then gets a hold on my husband. Amusing, gives me grins, she needs to lower his jeans a bit to pull out his pride and joy; he is already there. Mother Nature gives him a sizable gift, the boy is simply huge, eye-popping so. Our cousin, she is my cousin and my husband's cousin, he and I are cousins, we are truly real-to-life kissing cousins, our girlfriend pulls down his jeans a bit more and slips him out, more like he springs out straight. All our years together, I continue to be astonished when I see him this way, makes me whisper, "Dang that boy is big."

She holds him with both hands and there is still plenty for my cousin to enjoy spit shining the boy. Sitting by her, I enjoy wet tongue polishing him. We swap him back and forth. This is exciting to both play and watch. Seeing him slobbered up wet and glistening is erotic.

I get up on our bed and stretch out in a seductive way, make bedroom eyes and spread my legs so my husband can see what he so loves - pretty pink kitty-cat.

Our girlfriend gets down to nude, fetches and straps her belt and buck knife around her waist then joins me on our bed and makes sure he can see what he loves and is waiting on him. Easy to see our cowboy is eyeballing her knife rather than her delight. We leave plenty of room for him between us. She grins, pats our bed, "Come on, hurry up, I can't wait!" I grin, pat at our bed between us, "Get in bed, we want to enjoy you!"

He looks at us girls then his eyes fly right back to her knife! My husband walks around to her side, leans and takes to unbuckling her belt. She grabs his arms, "No, I always wear my knife to bed. Lie down between us," she reaches and fondles his sizable personal knife, "we're going to enjoy a lot of fun!" There is a bit of panic on his face, looks to me for help, I just smile and pat our bed again. He eyes become big with worry. My cousin tugs at him, "Get in bed!" He works at her belt buckle again, she stops him, the boy tells us, "You should take off your knife, might slip out and poke us!" She pulls at his aroused knife again, "Ain't my knife going to be doing the poking! Now get in bed with us!"

My husband is fit to be tied, he is more than obviously ready to get in bed with us but her knife has him worried! He doesn't know what to do, he is tongued tied with worry he might offend my cousin and he is in a panic with worry about getting into bed with a woman who insists on bringing a knife to bed! She teases him gently, tells him she wants to keep her knife handy and he will not get in bed! Finally she relents with a smile, releases her buckle, slides her belt and knife out from under her then flings both far across our bedroom, "Now get in bed!" She barely gets out those words and our cowboy is in bed lying between us and grinning with his big Bowie knife stuck straight up and leaking whetting oil.

Boy howdy, we girls ride him to Mountain Fork river and back then gallop him around our pasture several times. He rodeo rides us like a stallion on a mare while taking time to stop and eat sweet oats from our bridle bags. What a white lightning night!

Reality is all three of us are role playing, quite effectively at that. We are his harem mares and he, our harem stallion. Our cousin, all three of us cousins know knife play in bed while enjoying sex is a risk. Our girlfriend cousin never slips her knife out of sheath but she sure as heck slips his knife into her sheath with much moaning and groaning.

Stage props like this do add a cutting edge to sex play. Her knife is not a sex toy rather a challenge for our cowboy to overcome, playfully. There is some real anxiety for him, not much, just enough to create a sense of real fret. A lover wearing a knife to bed is a concern. This helps our cowboy play his worried lover role, there is true fret way back of his mind.

Our family enjoys role playing in bed and out of bed. We use clever stage props, dress our parts and act out our fun Shakespearean plays. Sometimes our girl and I are exotic belly dancers and our cowboy a sheik. This is fun to have him a pimp and us girls his sluts. A favorite is enjoying horse sex.

Doubtful, you the reader, have enjoyed watching stallions and mares during breeding season. Horses are more loving than humans and do engage in all kinds of foreplay, sometimes for days. Standing close and watching a stallion mount a mare is exceedingly erotic, makes me moist and desiring to squirming around. I can't help but get my hands in there to feel and sense events.

Stage props are not sex toys but sure enough lend to enjoyable sex if not wild sex.

Okpulot Taha - Choctaw Nation