Big Banana Billy Biagra

Dr. Okpulot Taha and her research assistant, Professor Krazykooch, are absolutely thrilled to announce completion of clinical trials and public release of their wonder working Sixtowns Choctaw herbal health supplement, "Big Banana Billy Biagra".

A good twenty-thousand years in the making, American Indians are timeless experts on herbal healing and healthy nutrition. Virtually all modern medications and vitamins manufactured today are based upon natural recipes stolen by fork-tongued White Man from Indian tribes.

"Big Banana Billy Biagra" is a wholesome purely organic mix of herbs, primarily a specific variety of banana, and is guaranteed to alleviate symptoms of common Puny Penis, Diminutive Dick, Limp Limb and other personally embarrassing maladies of men such as Teenie-Weenie.

Look at these amazing results after a thirty day regimen of Big Banana Billy Biagra:

Dr. Taha and Dr. Krazykooch are collecting and studying dozens of varieties of bananas for years to discover a Goldilocks just right mix of herbs. Goldilocks is more than happy, she is largely satiated to grinning.

Using modern mixing methodologies and high technology laboratory equipment coupled with direct clinical trials with volunteer test subject, Billyray, a whiskey drinking, rodeo riding cowboy, Big Banana Billy Biagra is Federal Dick Administration (FDA) approved and ready for grocery store shelves.

This is discovered Kimmekoochie bananas endemic to the White Stallion Lake region of Detroit, Michigan contain high amounts of Bigboner calcium which, when carefully mixed with secret Indian herbs, extensively stimulates size and stiffness of manhood.

For your personal assurance, factual clinical trials photographs:

After release of clinical trials results Big Banana Billy Biagra is talk of the town and of the nation! Big Banana Billy Biagra is featured on the Jay Leno show!

Unsolicited clinical trial testimonies:

Coming soon to your favorite grocery and health food store!

FDA required disclosure: