Birds & Bees & Screws

I present to you for your lascivious entertainment Metal Man and his wildly wonderful metal sculptures! He is our cowboy. His hands and other bodily limbs are exquisitely talented! Metal work, wood work, auto mechanics, custom painting, rodeo riding, cowgirls, he does them all with an intensely exciting artistic flair!

When our cowboy grinds, sparks fly!

The boy is brightly electrifying when stick welding! Fire, sparks and smoke!

Boy howdy does our cowboy sure enough know how to heat up a box tube!

Scene of his Welding Man festival, oh, the magic he wields on a workbench!

Daydream board! This inspires and enlarges his wild imagination. Two of us girls add another dream each month. Don't you boys stare for too long, you will get the vapors, faint then fall right over backwards!

Singing I love rock and roll
So put another dime in the jukebox, baby

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts version of course!

Come on and beat me daddy, eight to bar

Andrews Sisters!

Little dragons!

Bigger dragon!

Our cowboy makes the biggest dragon of all!

You got mail!

Apache are famed for their rite of passage to womanhood. So are Navajo and many other tribes including our Sixtowns Choctaw tribe. When a girl begins menses soon after she is honored with a rite of passage to womanhood. A days long grueling test of worthiness, all Indian girls succeed with significant personal pride. They become full grown women and are treated as such in respect and responsibilities.

At age thirteen, same as her momma, we honor our girl with a Choctaw rite of passage to womanhood. She is proud to grinning tears. Her daddy gifts her with a growing sapling replete with birds, bees and screws.