Booby Trap

Girlfriends, do not even think about breast enhancement, never mutilate your bodies with breast implants. This is a decision you will most likely come to regret later. Worst of all, upon breast augmentation, you absolutely can never return to being your natural self. Boys, stop staring at my photographs and read, you boys are directly at fault for girls butchering their breasts.

We all know miracles are worked by plastic surgeons when needed. A most touching miracle is babies born with cleft palates which are corrected with plastic surgery. Reconstructive surgery for those who suffer disfigurement through disease or accident, those are also miracles.

Breast enhancement, no, this is pure frivolous vanity driven by masculine sexism.

Bigger breasts do not have a girl more sexy nor more sensuous and not actually more attractive. Foremost reason for this self-destructive vanity is a psychotic need of a girl to feel more desirable to boys. Sure, boys are visual animals, boys get off on big boobs but this does not last. After a girl removes her clothes a few times, this cheap thrill for boys vanishes. A boy will boast to guys, "My girlfriend has big boobs!" This is about the only reward a girl earns

This boy turn-on by big boobs derives from Christianity sexualizing female breasts and is made more powerful by advertisers and Hollywood further sexualizing our breasts and just about all other body parts of us girls; male "teats and ass" syndrome.

Setting aside global rabid masculine sexism, our bodies change with age and breast implants do as well and even more rapidly. Those big beautiful boobs a plastic surgeon installs ain't the same boobs a few years later. Implants simply do not last for long. Those bags of liquid silicone or saline water shift around, change shape and begin to wrinkle and crease. A near tragedy is a girl can have those implants removed and she looks worse. Most devastating, she can never go back to being her natural self. Implants in place or removed are for life.

Most common problem with implants is spreading apart and sagging downward leaving nipples too high and almost under armpits. Breast skin begins to display stretch marks much like pregnancy does to a girl's tummy. Most weird, creases begin appearing around where breasts join a girl's body. For some, those fill plugs become noticeable like an extra pair of nipples.

Implants are easy to spot both up close and distanced. Fake breasts are almost always symmetrically round like inflated balloons which is what implants are, liquid filled balloons. A girl looks like she has a pair of perfectly round fruit bowls stuck on her chest.

Natural breasts enjoy a teardrop shape, a smooth flowing soft look highlighted with nipples. These breasts Mother Nature gives us girls are pliable and pleasing to the touch.

Equally easy to see breast implants cause blanching of breast skin in a near perfect circle. Phony breasts appeared to have been masked and spray painted a lighter color. Stretching of breast skin spreads out natural skin coloring having enhanced breasts look anemic and starved for food.

In a way a bit amusing. Pumped up breasts pop out like balloons and do not bounce nor flop, least not much. To jiggle a girl with fakes must walk with a deliberate snapping stomp of feet. She is simply shaking her implants up and down. No natural wiggle, jiggle and giggle.

Just as odd when this girl lies on her back her breasts still stand straight up like those fruit bowls. There is no spreading out towards armpits like natural breasts.

When dressed, low cut or not, there is a most visual giveaway of breast enhancement. This is too much "meat" above nipples. Sure this looks sexy for movies and for eyes of boys but ain't natural. A girl with implants appears to be body building her breasts, a muscular look, not a natural gentle teardrop shape. A Victoria's Secret lift bra works better and looks a lot better.

This next photo you will also see implant "marbling" along outside edge of her right breast and creasing along the inside edge of her left breast. This is not a sexy turn-on.

All of you know of those horror stories of implants gone bad from disfigurement to leaking to rupturing often leading to serious health issues and sometimes death. Many girls seem unaware breast enhancement does not have a girl more sexy nor more seductively sensuous. Big boobs are purely visual, nothing more than eye-candy for sexist boys. Very expensive candy at that.

These are photos of a girlfriend, our daughter and me. With a quick glance easy enough to realize we are organic and natural. We range in size from small to medium to large. Three of us like to think ourselves to be attractive. I think we are. This way you boys are bullfrog big-eyed staring at us does suggest we are visually appealing especially to you boys who are chin drooling.

These notions of "sexy" and "sensuous" and "seductive" all come from a person's mind, girl or boy. Those personal qualities reflect thinking, personality and behaviors. Breast implants cannot enhance what is inside a girl's head. She can look like Marilyn Monroe yet be about as sexy as a bucket of hog slop.

Breast augmentation is a life changing event, there is no going back to natural. Enlargement of breasts with bags of liquid can be dangerous and, in the long run, usually proves a disaster. This surgery is simply eye candy for boys. Ask a knuckle dragging Neanderthal boy off the street what he thinks about big boobs and you will not like what he says. Boys' interest in girls is only in what is below our bellybuttons and this interest usually only lasts a few minutes.

You girlfriends who desire to be more sexy, easy to do, add a bit of spark and spunk to your personalities.