Chevy Coupe Deluxe

Hall of Justice! Those glass doors are a main entrance to a local city police department. Employees, including some uniforms, gather on second floor to look. Our hope is at least a parking ticket memento! No ticket, just bullfrog big eyes and hand waving.

Justice is served! Behind a pillar in background there is a homeless man, typical cretin, hiding and watching. He seems frightened by our girl and me. We are more crazy than he, boy howdy!

County superior courthouse behind us. Here come the judge. We are innocent, your honor, innocent by reason of loony!

Welcoming people coming to read in a main branch library. Ours is quite an interesting story written in universal Braille!

Our daughter and I Cruising a hot rod show car parade route. Our 1953 Chevy seems quite a hit; lots of grins and whistles!

Two of us girls are well playing our roles. We are backyard grease monkeys! Our cowboy is a shade tree mechanic with a big, really big, pump up grease gun. He keeps us nicely lubricated and slippery!