Clitoris Canorous

Canorous: to sing a beautiful melody. A girl's clitoris and vagina are a wonderful singing duet. Together those two sing like wet slippery sensuous mermaid sirens lustfully luring Ulysses to those fateful jagged rocks.

For these writings I elect to dispense with those fancy Latin words and phrases which, when enunciated, leave you with a sore jaw. I am to use plain Jane words for simplicity. My usage of "clit", "lip", "leg" and "bulb" in my upcoming graphics reflect this relaxed vocabulary. Those words are easier to remember than tongue twisting Latin.

Only external part of a clitoris is a small bud like projection at top of a girl's vulva. All else is internal to her body. I label this exposed part "clit" which is a well recognized word especially amongst bad behaving boys. A girl's clit enjoys about eight-thousand pleasure sensing nerves. Contrasting, a boy's penis head enjoys only half as many pleasure nerves. A girl enjoys an additional advantage, her clitoral nerve system is interconnected with over ten-thousand other pleasure sensing nerves in her general pelvic region. A girl's climax is typically two or three times more powerful than a boy, and you boys wonder why we girls scream during orgasm. If you boys were to experience a powerful climax like us girls, you would probably faint.

Those legs of a clitoris extend downward but more inward generally following alongside top of a vagina a couple of inches. Legs also somewhat extend into a girl's inner thighs. Bulbs mostly underlie her outer lips while nestled close to her inner lips. Both legs and bulbs are a spongy tissue which become engorged with blood during arousal. We girls enjoy erections of our clitorises, we swell easily to twice a relaxed size. Our pleasure sensitivity within our vulvae, our pelvic regions and inner thighs increase accordingly.

My next graphic displays a relative arrangement between a clitoris and vulva. All swell with blood; clitoris, lips and vagina as well. This increase in size is easy for a lover to see and feel; quite dramatic, a doubling and tripling of size and spread. These changes serve as a thermometer of degree of heated arousal.

I add "Bartholin" glands which are not a part of a clitoris but are critically important to comfortable intercourse. Upon arousal those internal glands begin gently producing droplets of a thick liquid which is super slippery. This is our girl lubricant to ease penis entry through our muscular vaginal opening.

Boys produce a similar lubricant. There are common attributes to both female and male lubricants. Both are crystal clear, exceptionally slippery and begin to appear early in arousal. I have noticed this with our girlfriends, beautiful tiny transparent droplets appear on their vulva lips or in their curly hairs. Our cowboy, like other boys, slowly drools out lubricant at tip of his penis which forms equally lovely clear droplets.

My female taste buds sense an earthy or musky flavor of our girlfriends' lubricant. I cannot be sure because this pleasant taste might be an overall flavor of a girlfriend's vulva and vagina. My husband says our girlfriends and I taste a bit like mushroom sauce. Our cowboy's taste, we are certain. This is easy to lick off his lubricant free of penis taste. His lubricant hints of sweetness like lightly sugared water. Talking with our girlfriends they also note my husband's slippery stuff tastes sweet. Common to both girls and boys, this licked off lubricant quickly spreads and clings to lips, tongue and inside cheeks; a few drops go a long slippery ways.

This following graphic is generalized. Appearance of and behaviors of clitorises and vulvae vary as wildly as colors and furs of pussycats. Being lifelong nudists, enjoying many girlfriends, we have enjoyed looking at a thousand girls and enjoyed sex with a hundred. Down there, none look alike nor behave the same. There is a delightful genetic exception. Sibling girls along with mothers and their daughters do often look alike. Between our legs, my daughter and I are true identical twins both externally and internally. Our physical responses and behaviors are the same.

Good lovers well know all those exhibited physical signals of a girl becoming aroused, this flushing and engorging, swelling, lubricating and heightening pleasure sensitivity. Sexual arousal has a girl display easy-to-see physical changes and just as easy to feel whether fingers, tongue or penis.

Our supercharged sensitivity and ongoing blood engorgement allows us girls to enjoy multiple organisms although this is not all this common; requires practice and attention by both a girl and her lover. Boys climax only once then a "refractory period" is needed, other words an average twelve to twenty-four hours of rest and recovery time to fully recharge.

A disadvantage of our feminine sensitivity and a clitoris dedicated solely to providing pleasure is at times we become too sensitive - our pleasure becomes an odd discomfort; continued stimulation becomes too intense, feels too good.

Our cowboy playfully uses an order of sexual events which makes for pleasure beyond imagination. Short and sweet, "clitoris last". Foreplay is important but ours is not just physical. This is foreplay of romance lasting hours or all day. Sweet whispers, certain looks, a knowing this will end with delightfully satisfying sex, this is real foreplay. Right off there is this enjoyment almost all know, excitement of removing clothes, touching, kissing, massaging, all those behaviors which arouse us.

To avoid too much stimulation and this odd discomfort, my husband begins with inner thighs and ever so slowly works inward to clitoris. With you, the reader, having a better understanding of a clitoris you know we girls are sensitive all over down there. Thighs, lips, vaginal opening, all are wonderful playgrounds surrounding our main event, the clit.

A certain excitement is simply having him rub his penis head up and down between inner lips with a bit of playful massaging of clit. There is a crazy making anticipation of this sudden pleasure of feeling him enter. First inch or two of girl's vagina is highly pleasure sensitive; our swollen bulbs are there, lots of pleasure sensations. Our cowboy switches from oral to intercourse and back to oral periodically, but intercourse is only an inch or two, in an inch and completely out many times. This is exquisite teasing and has a girl madly desiring all of him which he delivers much later; ladies first.

During childhood cholera comes around to farms, I become an orphan. Grandpa tells my then future husband, "The girl is your daughter, get to raising her." Barely twelve years old, my now daddy takes his rural farming responsibilities seriously; he proves himself to be the best father a child could want. He tells me I drive him crazy, which I do.

My daddy and future husband and I share a back bedroom and bed in our farmhouse. We two grow up together and we are always together. We work together as a team, we eat and sleep and bathe together. We play and fight together as well. Our relationship becomes father and daughter, brother and sister, best friends and in years, lovers.

Age thirteen, a year's worth of menses, trying to survive puberty and sexual awakening which my cowboy doesn't survive well, I truly do drive him crazy. Thirteen and I am honored with my Choctaw rite of passage to womanhood. I am a full grown woman and my cowboy is not allowed to say "no" to me. He still does but not as often. I am the sexual aggressor, he is the defender of my chastity. This is quite a role reversal of what we expect these modern days. In time, not much time, my cowboy yields and allows me to gift him with my virginity, my full virginity. I am thirteen and a full grown woman bonded to my future husband for life.

Few days after my rite of passage to womanhood, grandma tells me a long held family secret, "We had you two share a bedroom so you would work out your differences before marrying." Grandma and grandpa give the two of us the best of a loving lifetime gift, love and marriage.

Many family traditions come out of our younger years. Amongst those is our much anticipated "Saturday Night Bath". We bath together every night, have to, we smell of sweat mixed with dirt and direly need to remove blood sucking ticks and chiggers. Saturday night is special.

After our Saturday farm field work is done, after sunset supper, I fix up bath water for grandma and grandpa. I carry and dump into our bathtub five buckets of hot water from grandma's wood burning stove while cold water runs in our tub. Our grandparents bathe, leave their bath water for us then this is our turn for our Saturday night bath! Couple more buckets of hot water we have a fine bath and playground!

We intimately, personally intimate, check each other everywhere for ticks and chiggers. We always find one or two hidden away and sucking blood from our bodies. In our tub, we wash each other, take turns shampooing each others hair with lots of fingernail scalp scratching should we miss a tick or chigger. Then this is time for play!

Some Saturday nights we are tired and sore from farm work. My cowboy lies in our tub, I lean back against him and lie on him. We simply soak in our warm water and quietly talk. Other nights we tell crazy stories and swap lies. We play bathtub games, Little Duck and Big Snake is a favorite. My cowboy gives me a floating duck. I am Little Duck, he is Big Snake. His arm and hand is a water moccasin slithering underwater while biting at my feet, thighs, tummy and leaping up to twist a nipple. We laugh and splash. Big Snake comes up from below, grabs Little Duck and pulls her under. I shriek, "No, no! Don't eat Little Duck!" My duck pops back up alive and well, and grandpa pounds on our shared bath wall, "You two be quiet! I'm trying to get some sleep!"

Nine, ten, eleven and twelve years old, my thinking and behaviors slowly change, I am leaving behind my childhood and embracing my coming womanhood. My Choctaw elder, a woman who lives with us, for years fully instructs me in our traditional ways of being sensuous and seductive. I know all about sex. This is a critical tradition for Indians. Closing in on puberty I become increasingly sexual with my then future husband. This earns me slapped hands and admonishment, "You quit! We're not doing that! You're too young!"

Twelve and thirteen, plenty of curly hair down below, monthly bleeding, sexual awakening has a powerful hold on me and has me become psycho-sexual. Seems all I think about is marriage and sex, especially sex. Out in our cornfield I am blank stare standing while daydreaming about sex with this cowboy I madly love. He throws a dirt clod at me, hits my leg, back, sometimes my head, "Girl, quit your daydreaming and get to work!" Night in bed, I try every trick and stunt my elder teaches me to seduce the boy. I am aggressively sexually playful. He makes me sleep facing our wall. Those times I am extra bad, he makes me sleep on our floor. When I am really bad, he jumps out of bed, grabs a blanket then goes out to our barn and sleeps with our mules.

Those are times grandpa more often pounds on our shared bedroom wall and hollers, "You two be quiet! I'm trying to get some sleep!" Our grandparents know what we are doing, actually more what I am doing just as we know what they are doing when their headboard rabbit thumps our wall and their old bedsprings squeak out a nice rhythm.

My young age sexual aggression begins wearing at my cowboy, he weakens, gives up trying to protect my chaste status, mostly he wrestles with me to keep me off him. I am able to enjoy more liberties especially during our Saturday Night Bath. I am no longer worried about Little Duck being gobbled down by Big Snake. My only interest is in Big Snake who more often becomes really big. Saturday nights I just about have the boy where I really want him.

Out in field, snapping off a wormy ear of corn to feed to our mules, I look at this ear in my hand and think of my cowboy. Lightning bugs explode in my tummy. Knocking down weeds with my hoe, I hear this rhythm of our bed thumping our wall just like our grandparents bed. Those lightning bugs in my tummy begin flitting and flying around. Each day I remind this boy I love, "Four days to Saturday night!" On a Friday, "Tomorrow is Saturday, you know what we will be doing!" I see corners of his lips trying to twitch into a smile. Some sparkle flashes in his eyes. This has a million lightning bugs well up from down below and spread into my loins; he is just as excited as me. Anticipation is always in my mind and now, in his mind. All my cowboy is doing is struggling to say "No" to what he really wants to do. Anticipation is a crazy maker and spawns swarms of tummy lightning bugs. All of this is ongoing foreplay of the mind.

Girls enjoy three generalized stages of arousal: Excitement, Plateau and Orgasm.

Most are aware sexual foreplay is important for sexual excitement. Most are unaware emotional foreplay is super important. This is not necessarily endearment and love, this is anticipation. During childhood, anticipation of our Saturday Night Bath gives me tummy lightning bugs. This is emotional foreplay. Work days plow by and I become more giddy as Saturday slips closer. Mine is emotional excitement about what we will be doing or, at least, what I will be doing and trying to have my cowboy do with me. By Saturday night, anticipation turns me into a wild-eyed lascivious nymphomaniac with a tummy full of brightly burning fireflies.

Too many believe foreplay is purely physical and begins with early stages of enjoying sex. Those many miss out on the best of animal like clawing and biting sex. Foreplay is to begin hours even days before clothes are cast aside. Anticipation is the most important part of sexual foreplay. This is those special looks, a wink, a kiss, a pat of a backside or a knowing twinkle of eye long before naked bodies bed bounce.

This excitement stage of a girl is easy to see, her clit is visible and her vulva are becoming blushed and swollen. While a girl's clit is peeking out from beneath hood, she is in her building excitement stage of sex. This is a time to enjoy lots of varied light sexual play to continue building up her excitement. Variation is important, some oral, kissing inner thighs, lip tickling up to breasts, some nipple play, neck biting and simple massaging and fondling all over. This is also a time to intentionally avoid a lot of intercourse, some limited gentle shallow intercourse is nice.

Plateau is when a girl's excitement and pleasure are maxed-out. She is a few seconds to a few minutes out from orgasm. A lover must quickly decide if to push her over the edge into orgasm or if to slowly and gently bring her back from her precipice.

Most noticeable signal of maxing-out is her clit vanishes. Her hood so swells and extends, her clit is covered. This is easy to see or, if in darkness, easy to feel with a tongue. Other signs are her vulva suddenly and dramatically darken, and those sparkling nectar droplets of lubrication appear at bottom of her vagina. Easy to taste this musky sweetness with tip of tongue.

A decision must be made right now, a decision to continue or to gently help her cool down. If her inner thighs are trembling a bit, she is slowly moving her hips up and down, her tummy tightens and relaxes over and over, continue, take her there. She is already beyond her point of no return. Stopping when she is moments out from orgasm can be frustrating for a girl.

Should she not display those signals she is there but quickly approaching, this is when you stop and distract her. A good method to move her mind and body off orgasm is to gently but somewhat firmly bite along insides of her thighs. Maybe slide up her body while biting and kissing then take to French kissing. Those distractions help to cool her.

Distracting her, cooling her down, is a favorite method of our cowboy. This takes practice and attention to know "where" a girl is and if to continue or to distract. My husband is talented at taking a girl to a plateau then bringing her back down, over and over. Much time and patience is needed, cycling a girl up and down several times can take an hour or more. This is a way to increase a girl's emotional and physical excitement, and increase intensity of her orgasm. Taking her there and back several times makes for an explosively breath taking orgasm.

Never begin intercourse during a girl's plateau stage. This is too intense of a distraction, this flattens and suppresses her excitement. She will become frustrated.

Orgasm is a natural outcome for a girl, this is the point of sex! There is no mistaking those thrashing and screaming signals of a girl enjoying an orgasm. At orgasm, a lover should back off a bit, be more gentle with whatever to not distract from her enjoyment.

This is a best time for intercourse, immediately after she is done. The outermost couple of inches of her vagina will be swollen and contracted making for a more snug fit and more pleasure for both.

This cowboy of ours begins intercourse with sliding only his penis head in and out of a girl's opening, with a girl's helping hand keeping him in place. This wildly stimulates a girl at her ring of muscles around her opening. We call this "champagne corking" - he pops in and pops out like a champagne cork.

My husband gives extra attention to a girl's hypersensitive outer couple of inches for quite a time before, in deepening stages, slowly sliding in his full nine inches. He is an easy two inches thick, this slow approach provides time and stimulation for a girl to dilate a bit to accept his large size.

Notion is the best time for intercourse is right after a girl's orgasm. Intercourse should be slow and gentle with gradual increasing intensity. A girl is super pleasure sensitive at orgasm, don't over do this during intercourse, make this last for a long time.

There are three stages of sexual arousal for a girl: excitement, plateau and orgasm. Each stage is accompanied by certain visible signals and less noticeable, emotional signals. Knowing of those signals and what to do makes for a better sexual experience.

All of this is easy to learn. A lover only needs to learn a girl's rhythm and which keys to play to have her between-the-legs sing a lovely song.