Clitoris Stallionus

Horses are amongst the smartest of mammals, smarter than humans in many ways. Those handsome horses are by far the most emotionally loving even more than humans. Playful and faithful, horses delight in riding as a team with those they love. Mares are the best of wives and mothers and always faithful to their stallion and his harem herd. A stallion is a delightfully silver tongued devil of a horse, he whispers sweet words of love in a girl's ear. A stallion is eager to display his amorous intent in a big way and, he does. Our horses love us like we love them.

This essay is twofold, soft bridles for girls and halting bits for boys. This essay provides enjoyable ways for a girl to gently bridle her desires to lead around and to snap a chomp bit in mouth of a boy to rein in all his galloping lusts.

During 1948 year, Alfred Kinsey and his researchers release a rather famous report, "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male", and in 1953 he publishes, "Sexual Behavior in the Human Female". An interesting easy-to-read biography of Kinsey is presented by our National Institutes of Health,

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This graphic next is a compilation of data provided by Kinsey, Playboy Magazine and other researchers. Data is aroused penis size and percentage of men in this percentile group. I trimmed this down to half inch increments for brevity. You will see a majority of men measure 5.5 inches to 6.5 inches making for an American male average of about 6 inches erect.

Researchers use three basic measurements for collecting information: length, girth and diameter. Most of you know "girth" as "circumference". There is a preference for using "girth" when an object is of irregular shape; not perfectly round. Readers are invited to make measurements of your lover boy or of yourself if a boy without a girlfriend. All you need is a yardstick, a ruler or a tape measure. This activity usually leads to a lot of private fun!

This photo is mounted offsite on our family web server. I am always surprised by so many Americans having virgin eyes. I would be remiss to rob those people of their eyeball virginity. I am providing readers with a choice to look or to not look. Photo is our cowboy almost fully aroused. He is within the top 0.1 percent for penis size. Other words, 99.9% of boys are smaller. He is extraordinarily large. This is a chomp bit for boys some of whom will suffer deflated egos upon seeing such a sight, our cowboy is literally the size of an average middling twelve hand stallion; not too small, not too big, just right for darling Goldilocks. Well, when she is a grown woman and can handle such a size.

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Size does matter yet remains essentially unimportant for the many. Penis size does make a difference in mechanics of sex but almost all know this is talent at using a penis which is important. Sure, a large penis is quite a visual thrill, a certain snug fit and highly arousing but this does not inherently mean sex will be good. Emotional attachment and a healthy mind-set play a larger role in an enjoyable sex life and in a healthy love relationship.

These are a few talented techniques of our cowboy. Quite simple, actually, but does require teamwork between a girl and a boy. Another chomp bit for boys here, you must give over some or all control to your girl.

Coming up are three pairs of graphics to provide some visual understanding. All display an average size penis, a large penis and mechanics of super exciting sex leading a girl and a boy to orgasm. These are generalized graphics which are not to scale. Real life variations are endless. All three pairs display relative distances between a girl's clitoris and a boy's penis. Each has a small black arrow to point out where to look. Overall notion is how to close this gap, massage a clitoris and have intercourse, all those wonderful pleasures at the same time.

A preface based upon my last couple of essays. A clitoris is quite large and internally extends downward and encloses a girl's vaginal opening having us girls exceedingly pleasure sensitive there. Other note is a girl is most muscular at vaginal opening. A ring of muscles surround a vaginal opening, there is resistance to entry and we girls are most snug at our front doors. Knowing of our sensitivity and our muscles is important for understanding what you are about to see and read. Keep this preface in mind.

This pair of graphics display a larger penis will be closer to a girl's clitoris at vaginal opening. No magic here, this is simply mechanics of size; easy to understand.

Inserting and removing a champagne bottle cork is challenging! Pushing and wiggling a cork into a bottle there is resistance then suddenly a cork pops in. Pulling a cork out, same resistance and finally a cork pops out. We like to call this delightful method "Champagne Corking". This action involves teamwork between a girl and a boy. Yes, you boys have to give up some control. This is again your halting chomp bit.

"Champagne Corking" is simply using only a penis head to delight a girl. Pop a head in like a cork, pop a head out like a cork. Pop! Pop! Teamwork technique is for a girl and a boy to discover angles which close this gap between a clitoris and a penis. This can be done for almost all couples, some easier, some more challenging. A girl's part is to relax her muscles when a cork is being pushed in and to tighten her muscles when a cork is being pulled out. This adds much excitement and pleasure for both.

My next graphic represents a cork being pushed in. Notice angle of penis is straight in and there is no direct contact with an external bud of a girl's clitoris while there is lots of stimulation of her internal clitoris at vaginal opening which is most arousing for a girl. Her vaginal muscles create resistance going in then a "pop" and a cork is in, but only an inch or so to have a penis head massage her vaginal opening.

This following graphic well displays how vaginal muscles envelope or "swallow" and hold a penis head. This makes for resistance pulling out a cork then the wonderful pop and out! A difference going out is a penis is angled upward to contact and massage a girl's external clitoral bud. A penis slides across her "clit" during withdrawal. This angle can be a girl tilting her hips downward while a boy moves upward and forward towards her face. This does take teamwork practice.

Our cowboy's talented technique of Champagne Corking is exquisitely erotic. This is enjoying intercourse with only his penis head along with stimulation of clitoris both internal and external. This is exciting internal clitoris stimulation by pushing a cork in at vaginal opening, and exciting external clitoris stimulation by pulling a cork out. Champagne Corking is to always be as slow as possible; never hurried.

Easy enough to imagine unlimited variations on this; always tight vaginal muscles, relaxed now, tight then, different angles, mixed in deep penetration or playful oral sex and all those other delightful ways of doing this right. Most important about Champagne Corking is teamwork along with talking and a willingness to have both a girl and a boy share control. Working together, whispering suggestions, after a few enjoyable sex sessions all of this becomes automatic; a girl and boy know what to do to enjoy great sex.

This next set of graphics depict some of our favorite positions for Champagne Corking. First pair of graphics require a girl and a boy to work closely together as a team. A girl is afforded good control over position of her clitoris. A boy's efforts are aimed at a comfortable and pleasurable penis position. On your left is a "push-up" position which can tire a boy's legs. Over right is a "kneeling" position which is not as strenuous for a boy.

These next sex positions have a boy allow a girl complete control which has boys chomping at their bits. This is a girl rodeo riding her boy and is our most favorite. Task for a boy is simply lie somewhat still on back while a girl rodeo rides with talent. Whether a girl faces forwards or backwards, she creates position, angle and rhythm. Her riding is to be slow, smooth and flowing. Should a boy move about this disrupts her positioning and rhythmic riding; she must start over. A girl rodeo riding can easily and quickly bring both herself and a boy to orgasm, often timed together.

Champagne Corking is slippery and tricky. This is our cowboy's talented technique of intercourse using only his penis head while massaging a clitoris with his penis main body. Teamwork has this enjoyment intensely pleasurable. This sex must be slow and smooth. When too vigorous a penis head only an inch or so inserted will suddenly slip out breaking rhythm.

This is an exercise for readers to understand mechanics of Champagne Corking. I actually expect you to do this. Extend your right arm straight out. With your left hand hold bottom of your right elbow. You can swing your right forearm up and down easily. Your right elbow is a penis head in a vagina, your forearm is the main body of a penis free to change angle of insertion.

Hold your right arm straight out again. This time use your left hand to hold your right wrist rather than right elbow. You cannot swing your right forearm up and down. Holding your right wrist is like a girl's vagina holding a fully inserted penis. The angle of insertion cannot be changed.

Sexual intercourse while rubbing a clit requires good teamwork. Insertion of a penis head should only be an inch or so. Rhythm must be super slow, smoothly flowing with good control over positions to prevent a penis head from slipping out. Concept is to stimulate a girl's vaginal opening, her clitoris and provide pleasure for a boy's penis head. A boy must be willing to hand over some or all control to a girl. A boy is to chomp at his bit and follow a girl's tugging on his reins. Teamwork creates intense pleasure and crazy making orgasms.

This final graphic might deflate some fragile masculine egos which is needed; girls are to be more in charge of sex. This is a depiction of a huge penis like our cowboy. There are many pleasurable benefits of a huge penis, snug fit, full depth, wild stimulation along with visually having a girl's eyeballs just about pop out of her head! "Will he fit down there and up here?"

Most noticeable benefit is his size well closes this gap between a girl's clitoris and his penis. Such a snug fit his penis "pulls" a girl's clitoris partially or fully into her vagina during insertion. Her clitoris is pushed outward during withdrawal. This is outrageously pleasurable, feels like being licked by a tight fitting sizeable tongue!

There is a rarely discussed reproductive advantage. Our cowboy's penis easily reaches and meets a girl's cervical opening. This takes a hundred miles off the distance those little tadpoles have to swim. This cowboy stallion of ours can easily squirt directly through a girl's opening to those twin tunnels leading to her magical eggs.

Our family's sexual golden rule is, "Not too much, too soon."

Over our years three, maybe four girlfriends are challenged by his size. This is easily resolved by lots of foreplay so a girlfriend can lengthen, dilate and fully lubricate. Best position for our petite girlfriends is "stallion on a mare" extra slow, a little at a time, an inch-by-inch way over a half hour or so. Then she enjoys wild and tight pleasure!

Our cowboy explains, "I always can feel a girl's opening squeezing me. When I bump into her dead end sign, I back off a little and memorize where she is squeezing. I know when to stop so I don't knock her tonsils around."

Size does matter but is fairly unimportant to notions of romance and love which are affairs of the mind and heart not the body. Whatever size penis an imaginative and talented boy can drive a girl to distraction with pleasure. This pleasure is most intense for both when a girl and a boy lovingly work together as a well practiced team.