Don't Blame It On Rio

Don't blame it on Rio. Blame this on constantly changing hypocritical Christian moral values. Those biblical laws come with cheap price tags attached and are sold like baseball game peanuts.

A scene from a movie, "Blame It On Rio", released in 1984 year. Girl wearing an orange bikini is in real life seventeen year old Michelle Johnson. She plays a part of sixteen year old Jennifer Lyons who is daughter of movie character Victor Lyons, green shorts, played by Joseph Bologna.

Wearing a green bikini is twenty-two year old Demi Moore whose character is fifteen year old Nikki Hollis, daughter of Matthew Hollis portrayed by Michael Caine wearing a blue shirt.

This is a funny movie, a romantic comedy littered with awkward moments. Those two daughters set a context, they talk about Matthew Hollis being sweet and sexually attractive. Both girls, including his daughter, have a crush on him and want to enjoy naive sex with this father.

Sixteen year old Jennifer Lyons does enjoy a sexual affair with middle age Matthew Hollis which creates circumstances for this movie to play out - a spring-fall love affair. This movie is a humorous twist on "Lolita" written by talented author Vladimir Nabokov.

The eighties decade earmarks a beginning decline in quality of American education and denotes a resurgence of Christian theocratic tyranny. Previous sixties and seventies are a time period of a greatest social upheaval of American history; Vietnam war protest, civil rights protest and sexual liberation including lesbians and gays. Many good people are killed by white Christians including students at Kent State, the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King.

Tradition of renaissance Florence is girls marry around thirteen to fifteen years of age. Decades back here in Appalachia America, same, around thirteen to fifteen. During our childhood in rural Oklahoma girls are desperate to marry by thirteen to fifteen including me. At thirteen I am more than fully sexually active and fiercely driven to marry my cowboy.

Eighties also produces a movie, "The Blue Lagoon", starring Brooke Shields. This flick casts cousins Emmeline and Dicky Lestrange as secluded island castaway children experiencing sexual awakening, romance and love. At thirteen to fifteen, Emmeline entices her cousin Dicky into making a baby with her, much as I did with my cowboy at a same age.

Preacher man Jerry Falwell and the Moral Majority come to life at beginning of the eighties and they are not alone; angry mobs of white Christians take to streets waving torches, shaking pitchforks and swinging hangman nooses. Those of faith in God start up persecuting and hunting down promiscuous teenagers and single mothers along with lesbians and gays to metaphorically burn them at the stake like witches and warlocks.

There is quite the repugnant story of Christian debauchery and hypocrisy between the eighties and today. End result of this resurgence of American theocratic tyranny is devastating. These days a significant percentage of high school graduates cannot read nor write, literally cannot. A boy falls in love with a thirteen to fifteen year old girl and romances her, this boy is going to prison for life. A teenage girl and boy cell phone exchange nude photos, both are imprisoned for child pornography and made registered sex offenders for life; their futures are destroyed. Christians are making fervent legal efforts to prevent lesbians and gays from marrying. Those good Christians are enacting laws making the religious a privileged class of people who enjoy power over others along with making biblical law the rule of our land like Sharia law is to the Islamic.

All of this abhorrent wrongdoing of Christians comes about because of a faithful belief nudity and sex are mortal sins worthy of burning in Hell for eternity.

Although funny to those with open minds and a healthy sense of humor, "Blame It On Rio" is not a popular movie and is harshly critiqued as being "pop pornography". This movie is not porno despite nudity and a single scene which indicates sex but is not openly displayed much like seen on television. Quite odd, not much is said nor written about those two girls portraying underage teens, fifteen and sixteen. I believe movie critics are fearful to touch upon this topic; too taboo.

A famed movie critic, Roger Ebert, critiques, "...‘Blame it on Rio, however, has the mind of a 1940s bongo comedy and the heart of a porno film. It's really unsettling to see how casually this movie takes a serious situation. A disturbed girl is using sex to play mind games with a middle-aged man, and the movie gets its yuks with slapstick scenes where one guy goes out the window when the other guy comes in the door. What's shocking is how many first-rate talents are associated with this sleaze'..."

Right off Ebert blames movie character Jennifer Lyons, "A disturbed girl is using sex...." This thinking of Ebert is in keeping with two-thousand years old Christian masculine sexism; all women carry the original sin of Eve. Ebert carefully dances around young age of those girls and no finger of blame is pointed at father movie characters Matthew Hollis and Victor Lyons.

Take it like a man, blame it on a woman!

What is happening during the time is arts and entertainment critics are pants piddling frightened by this powerful emergence of the Moral Majority. Those working within the entertainment business are intimidated to silence for fear of faithful righteous drumming them out of job and livelihood; God's lot is vengeful.

Although decades back, this renewal and return of a powerful religious group eventually leads to today's problems related to sexuality like gender identity, same sex marriage and lives of teens being ruined through arrest and incarceration for "sexting" each other. Don't blame it on Rio, blame this on Christian hypocrisy.