Dorcas sees us, we are naked, she gasps then turns her head away, "You have fallen to sinful pleasures of the flesh, God will smite you to Hell! God commands you to always wear clothes and present yourselves to be good Christians of decency." She starts up with her biblical verses, "Unto Adam and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skin and clothed them. Genesis three twenty-one. That is God's law!"

Dorcas is preaching, she won't look at us. Our grandparents are looking at her, I think to cover my boy with a hand should she look then an ornery notion comes to mind. I reach over and give my boy's dick a loving squeeze. He is quick to bat my hand away then cover himself with a hand. I don't cover myself, I don't care.

Looking over at Dorcas, I blush a bit, grandma is looking at me with a hint of a smile. I think she saw what I did. Grandpa is working his jaws, he will tire of Dorcas quickly. "Those children should not be sleeping together naked in the same bed! Lucifer is tempting them into evil acts of fornication!" Grandpa is just about out of patience with Dorcas, he is beginning to turn red of face. Grandma gets my attention with her eyes, she looks downward then rolls her eyes to one side. I look down and to grandma's side where she moved her eyes. Her hand is behind her butt so Dorcas can't see, she makes a slight motion with her fingers, like a scooping motion. This is her signal for us to skedaddle.

I grab my boy's arm then whisper, "Come on," and I tug. We are quick to walk across our kitchen but Dorcas notices. She looks at us, looks down between Billy's legs and stares for a time, "You should be ashamed, you're naked before all the world to see and before Jesus our Father! You children clothe yourselves and sleep in separate beds." Dorcas turns back to our grandparents, "Those two will live a life of decadence if you don't get them in church and praying to God for salvation!"

Few steps into our hallway leading to our bedrooms, I stop, Billy bumps into me, backs up a little then grabs my butt cheeks, "Darn, girl, your brake lights ain't working." I laugh, turn around, lay my hands on his chest. Dorcas is still preaching the gospel, going on about nakedness and evil fornication. She doesn't know the two of us have never made love but I am working on this, been working on this for years. We're going to make babies and start a family, I'll see to this.

I slide my hands down to his belly and pat, "I'll lead you to our room." Quick as I can I reach down and grab his dick firmly, not enough to hurt, just tight enough he will know I don't intend to let go, like usual. My boy playfully hits at my hand, "You let go, I don't need leading!" I give the boy a squeeze, "Yes, you do!" He gently tugs at my curly hairs, "Let go or I'll pull your curlies out and leave you bald!" Tell him he won't, "You like my curlies. Now come on," I tug at his dick, "I'll lead so you don't walk in circles and bump into stuff like a dumb horse." Billy reaches back and pinches my butt, makes me jump a bit, "I ain't no horse!" Makes me grin, quip at him, "You ain't a horse but you sure as hell are a stallion!" My horse of a boy slaps at my hand, "Let go or I'll stallion you!" This is my opening, "I wish you would stallion me, I've been trying for twenty years to get you to mount me like a stallion on a mare!" He pinches at my nipples, he is always soft and careful about this, my boy acts like my breasts are fragile and delicate. I pretend like this hurts. He smiles, "You're lying! Can't be twenty years, you're only thirteen." I give him a good pull, "I'm almost fourteen. We have to get to making a baby. Now come on." I tug and he follows.

Over by our bed, "You get in bed, boy, we have to fornicate like Dorcas says!" He gets in bed, holds up our cover for me, "We ain't fornicating." I slide in and cozy up, get an arm around my cowboy, "If you don't fornicate with me I'll make you go sleep with Aunt Dorcas!" He blurts, "God no! Don't even think that, she'll cut my dick clean off with her crucifix. You know she keeps the bottom end sharp like a dagger."

We lie quiet, I slide a hand down and fondle him, he always tells me to stop, I never do, I like fondling him while falling asleep. Billyray asks, "You hear Dorcas?" Tell him, "Hard not to hear the woman, she'll be going on about God and Bible to the end of time." We listen, Dorcas is almost ranting, "Meats for the belly, and the belly for meats, but God shall destroy both it and them. Now the body is not for fornication, but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body. Corinthians six thirteen." Dorcas goes on and on.

There is a knock at our wide open door, we know this is grandpa, he always knocks and never looks in our bedroom. I sit up, think to cover my breasts but don't, this doesn't matter, I don't care if he sees and he politely never looks in our bedroom anyhow, "You sinful children keep your ears open for momma panther." I tell him we will. Billyray sits up, "Grandpa." Our grandpa answers, "Yes, son?" My boy tells him, "Send Dorcas out to preach to the pine trees. She will scare off every panther for a hundred miles around!" Grandpa laughs, "Sunrise in a couple of hours, get some sleep." Moments later we hear our grandparents' bedroom door open and close then hear those comforting sounds of their bed springs complaining.

Dorcas is still carrying on like a Southern Baptist hellfire and brimstone preacher. We listen, and she suddenly stops talking. A bit too loud grandma says, "Sis, just shut up and go to bed!" There is sound of grandma opening and closing their door, some bouncing sounds and spring squeaking. Billy and I lie quiet, we can just barely hear our grandparents giggling and laughing.

I sit up and holler at our hallway, "Aunt Dorcas, turn off our kitchen light, please." Billyray slaps a hand over my mouth too late, I already said what I intended. There are a few bed spring squeaks other side of our wall, I can't hear if our grandparents laugh or say anything but I know they heard me. Dorcas makes noise walking our kitchen, light goes out. Easy to tell she is in our front room, footsteps are deeper sounding. I hear one of our straight back chairs crash around then some chair sliding sounds. Over other side of our farmhouse, Dorcas slams her bedroom door shut.