Egyptian Nights

"But she makes hungry where she most satisfies" - William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra

Our family, the three of us, are enjoying a Saturday night theme party at a favorite nudist resort. This is Egyptian Night. Not too crowded, a comfortable number of parents and their late-teen children, looks to be twenty-five to thirty of us in a decorated dining room with an impromptu stage at a far end. Plenty of standing room and lots of folding chairs. This resort puts on a theme party once a month, all of us help with preparations and decorations, nothing fancy, everything is on the cheap but creates a fun ambiance. This night we pretend to be living Egypt of old and we play out funny skits to enjoy fun and laughter after stuffing ourselves on a Mideastern style buffet.

My daughter is thrilled, she becomes a teenager and is now a "young adult" allowing her to attend this type of theme party, but not old enough for "adult" theme events which are often mildly risque.

She and I have an easy skit planned, we will belly dance. We bring along a cassette tape of music we use for practice and rehearsal at home. Two of us are talented belly dancers, I begin teaching her belly dancing when she starts up walking good, around two years old. We are enjoying belly dancing for about ten years and becoming better.

There is an understanding our skits will be in the nude or end up in the nude. Not much point to attending a nudist resort while wearing clothes. We sit, we watch, people put on great skits. A wife and husband are extra funny. She is sitting in a folding chair draped with fancy and colorful silk of sorts. This is her throne, she is a queen. They have their props, she orders her husband servant to bring her wine. He runs and grabs a cheap yellow Tupperware glass. She makes a show of sipping a fine delicate wine, he sasses her, "I am honored O' Great Queen of Tupperware." Her servant brings a Tupperware bowl, "Grapes for Her Majesty Plump Butt!" She acts mad, says she will make a eunuch of him. The boy covers his crotch, makes a frightened face, "Please my Princess of Poontang, don't take my family jewels, these are all I have!"

Theirs is a funny skit, all are delighted and laughing. Between skits our daughter tugs at my arm and asks, "Momma, what is a eunuch?" As always I keep a straight face, "She threatens to cut off his balls." Her mouth falls open, then she grins, "That's not very nice!" While we wait I quickly explain way back in time Egyptian pharaohs, kings and "...queens cut off balls of servants so they won't screw female servants and harem girls. They still fuck those girls, though, especially queens. Servant girls don't have to worry about getting pregnant, a eunuch doesn't have any tadpoles to squirt. A king goes off on a conquest, mostly to screw and knock-up foreign girls, and his queen is back home with a dozen eunuchs fucking her to giddy." She hits my leg, "Momma! You're lying again!" Tell her, "Nope, that's the balls-out truth."

Another skit begins, another queen sitting upon her throne. Her husband is waving a big fan to keep her cool. He fans her on this side, other side, fans behind her. She makes a loud fart sound. Her husband backs up, holds his nose and makes a goofy face then starts up fanning fast. He fans her like before, gets around back, another extra loud fart. He stumbles backward, waves his arms around, acts like he is gasping and holds his nose. He fans fast again. Back to normal, fans on her right, on left, around back and she makes a really loud long fart sound when he is behind. This time her husband stumbles backwards, waves his hands, hold his breath, puffs his cheeks, makes his eyes big then falls over backwards like he passes out! Everyone laughs on this prank fall.

We are watching her daddy. He is up there helping with stage needs, turning lights on and off, carrying props up, arranging things for people. He is having his own fun. A tug at my arm again, "What is poontang?" Easy enough, bland face, "Pussy, specifically pussy for fucking." She really smacks my leg this time, "I said stop lying!" Giving her a smile, "I'm being honest about eunuchs and poontang." Our girl rolls her eyes, tell her, "Alright, don't believe. Later tonight when we are in bed tell your daddy you have sweet poontang for him. See what happens." She grins, "I will!" I know she will, this is why I tell her to offer her daddy some poontang.

Two of us girls sit, watch and laugh our way through a couple more delightful skits. A husband and wife pull a stunt which is mildly naughty but so surprising to be funny. Her husband, wearing a fake beard and holding a stick, recites some biblical passage, "When Pharaoh speaks to you, saying, 'Work a miracle,' then you shall say to Aaron, 'Take your staff and throw it down before Pharaoh, that it may become a serpent,' and it came be!" He drops his stick at his wife's feet, lights go out for a few seconds then come back on. He motions with both hands to his wife, "Behold the mighty serpent!" His stick is gone and his wife is grinning and holding her arms spread apart. Our girl blurts, "Look!" Wife up there on stage is wearing a huge strap-on dick painted to look like a snake! She parades back and forth, people love this one, applaud and laugh.

This time I tug at our girl's arm, "Come on, almost our turn." We head up front, she pokes me, "I know how I am going to paint daddy's dick for Halloween!"

Her daddy points to a bag for us to side of the stage. Our girl and I are quick to don our belly dancing costumes, we practice this at home. Not much to slip on, bare minimum, glittering waist bracelets with lots of phoney sparkling jewels, short hip sashes which tie on sides and finally silky see-through halters with front clasps. Couple up there, the stick and snake skit, are coming off the stage. Our hip sashes are cheeky and don't cover much of our butts. I'm thinking our girl is nervous, reach over then pinch her butt, "You're butt is prettier than mine!" She doesn't need reassurance, she pinches my butt, "And your butt is bigger than mine!" Our girl is ornery and brazen like her momma.

Our boy turns off the stage lights, we are on. We hustle up on stage, plenty of light to see coming from the buffet area back end of this dining hall. We strike our sideward poses with our butts pressing together, each of us hold up a hand high making a snake and a seductive peeking-through-fingers hand over our faces like mysterious belly dancers. Billy starts our cassette, we wait and listen for a light drum thump, our timing cue. There is our drum, we count 1 .. 2 .. 3 .. blue stage lights come on, our dancing music begins and we dance away from each other eight forward steps then dance in place. We swivel our hips, make circular motions, sway back and forth, we know our belly dancing steps well, we perform perfectly like at home. There is a flurry of bongo like drums, her daddy has this just right, lights change from blue to yellow, we dance our eight steps back to each other, turn sidewards then hip bump each other. All is right, we both suddenly comically run sidewards eight steps like our big butts bumping send each of us flying. I hear laughter. On step eight, music stops. We look at our audience, we make balled fists on our hips and exaggerated mad faces. We jerk our heads around and look at each other, toss our heads back like, "Well, I'll show you!" We unclasp our tops then throw those down like taking off gloves for a real fight, then strike poses like two cats getting ready to jump on each other. A drum thump, 1 .. 2 .. 3 .. lights change from yellow to red and we cat dance towards each, long flowing movements like cats on the prowl.

Eight steps, we are facing each other. Our daughter and I dance circles around each other while making like cats smoothly swatting and clawing. Twice around and we are back facing each other and staring. Very slowly we face our audience while keeping our eyes on each other. Our cue is a short burst of bongo drums, then we slam our hips together. This time while side-stepping eight times, our daddy flashes those red lights on and off, on and off. Eight steps we stop, lights change to yellow and our dancing music stops. We make those balled fists, angry head tosses, stare at each other, pull at our hip ties then throw down our sashes leaving us wearing only our waist bracelets. This is a cat fight to the death!

A thump, 1 .. 2 .. 3 .. Red lights, music and we dance like cats back together while those red lights and yellow lights flash on and off for anger and drama. We circle, we swat, we claw, we wiggle and dance. Twice around, side-to-side, we make angry faces again for people. This time, instead of banging hips, we turn our backs to each other, lights turn blue, we grin at everyone, push our butts together then wiggle like all get out. Then we dance, really belly dance, quick pace, sensuous, seductive, smooth and flowing. On cue, we arch our backs, throw our shoulders back then jiggle.

At home practicing and rehearsing, her daddy and I are careful not to laugh during our jiggle, our girl doesn't have much to jiggle! I have more than enough jiggle for the both us, though! Then our ending, just drums, we fall to leg splits, each of us lower our heads to a knee then swoop our arms down to floor. Music stops, lights off, and we are pleased to hear applause, even some cheers.

Jumping up and trotting to stage side, yellow lights come up. Our girl stays on stage still wearing her sparkling waist bracelet while I step down with our costumes. My husband hands his girl a long slender bamboo stick with a gigantic ostrich feather on end, those two enjoy fun working together to make this feather stick thing. More fun watching those two rehearse their lines, she keeps tickling at his dick with her feather to mess up his lines, she is always ornery.

Their skit is only a couple minutes long, we don't want people think us to be stage hogging.

Her daddy fetches a really long palm frond then joins his daughter on stage. He holds his frond in front of his face, she holds her feather angled over in front of him.

She makes me proud, she announces with a smile and in a strong clear voice, "Cleo-flat-bra and Bark Antony by Billy Shakespeare." There is a bit of laughing after some thinking and realization. She holds her feather straight up, grins, lowers her feather and tickles at her daddy's dick, "And, boy does he have a spear to shake!" Takes a few moments for their audience to catch on, then a roar of laughter. Her daddy is well known for his big dick, largest of any boys around the resort. He is huge and long even when flaccid.

Waiting for a few moments, our girl keeps grinning, stands her feather straight up again, lifts a hand over her head and finger points at herself. Slow and with emphasis, she says, "I am Cleo .. Flat .. Bra, Queen of Tiny Titties!" She throws her shoulders back and jiggles like when belly dancing. She doesn't have any teats to jiggle! People crack up. She turns her head to our boy, "And he is Bark .. Antony!" Her daddy moves his frond aside then barks like a dog! More laughter.

She flourishes a hand like a court jest and open palm points to her daddy, "What say you, Bark Antony?" She grins. He moves his frond aside, barks like a dog then adds in low but loud voice, "But she makes hungry where she most satisfies" - a direct Shakespeare quote. Our girl suddenly and obviously slaps a hand over her groin down low, makes big surprised eyes and an equally big grinning "OH!" with her mouth. Our friends laugh and clap, she straightens and grins then looks to her daddy and tickles his dick with her feather, "The worm is not to be trusted!" - another quote. She grins out to her audience, cusps a single hand next to her mouth like she is whispering a secret but says loud, "Looks more like a big snake to me!" This really gets them, lots of laughter.

Our darling girl clacks her stick a couple of times on stage wood, brushes her feather on my husband's dick then quotes again, "If it be love indeed, tell me how much." He moves his frond, barks, then, "There's beggary in the love that can be reckon'd." Covers his face. She is still grinning, feather tickles his dick, "Indeed, I easily see how much you beg so for love!" She whispers cusps her mouth again and a loud voice, "I'm telling you, his worm is a huge snake!"

All laugh, chairs squeak around like trying to get comfortable after some discomfort.

His crazy daughter goes right on, twists a Shakespeare quote around, "My breasts are full of love and life," she uses a hand to rub at her breasts, "Well, maybe half full!" Lot of laughter, she waits a few moments and finishes her silly quote, "My hips are round and well apart," she spins around and wiggles her small pretty butt then turns and faces her watchers, "Such women, they say, have big butts!" Daddy moves his frond aside, barks, then makes big eyes at her, wags his tongue and acts like he is panting. Frond hides his face again.

This daughter of mine brushes her feather up and down her daddy's dick a few times, "You come before me as a suppliant. On your knees!" She adds with a really big grin, "That's what Cleopatra said, might work!" Her daddy drops his frond aside, barks, then hurries over and gets down on all fours and pretends to grovel. She knows not to look down. He hikes a leg like he is peeing on her foot, grins and barks at everyone. His girl waves her feather around, "I am Cleo .. Flat .. Bra! All is well as should be in my lovely and peaceful Queendom of Tiny Titties!"

Right on cue, I flip off those blue lights like her daddy showed me. He grabs his frond and both hurry off stage, grinning and laughing just like their entertained audience.