Fits Like A Snug Glove

We love our stiletto heels and madly love our fashionable gloves! My daughter and I collect gloves from the forties, fifties and some from the sixties. Two of us girls enjoy several dozen pairs of gloves for looking classy elegant and looking savagely sensuous.

Gloves for women become quite a fashion rage during the eighteenth and nineteenth century amongst European elitist classes; upper bourgeois segment, ruling class and royalty especially of England and France. Gloves are not as popular for our American society being agrarian slowly becoming industrial; ours is a working class nation. Nonetheless during the Victorian era gloves become increasingly popular in America until the Roaring Twenties.

While gloves remain in use by upper crust, this advent of "flappers" ushers in a time when more exposure of feminine flesh becomes popular. During the Great Depression through the second great war, gloves continue to wane as fashionable and nearly nude pinup girls become a new fashion rage.

Our girl and I are crazy about full length gloves and elbow length along with forearm length. Those are sexy! Cloth ranges from cotton blends to fine silk. We especially like gloves with flared cuffs to wear with revealing negligés or when simply nude.

Gloves of the forties are easy for us to spot at thrift shops, Goodwill and Salvation Army. During this decade, after war close, gloves are made of heavy but soft cotton and rayon sheen blends typically of creamy colors, wrist length and fashionably embroidered.

Most noticeable about forties gloves is ornate bead work patterns. Quite lovely!

Bit of a kinky favorite is collecting fancy embroidered cloth bows intended for pinning to back of fancy dresses and formal evening gowns. These bows are accessory items and are usually color matched to formal gloves.

Our girl and I often pass bows through fancy and glittering costume jewelry rings then attach our bows above our bare butts with sparkling waist bracelets. This makes for fine tail feathers to shake and twerk in most seductive of belly dancing ways.

Late forties and early fifties, a historic and forever queen of pinups busts out into public view. She is world renowned and admired Bettie Page. She brings about a resurgence of fashion fad gloves. Early fifties her classy photos are everywhere, calendars, posters, books and coffee table top collector photo albums. Hugh Hefner selects Bettie for his Playboy centerfold January, 1955. Same year she is crowned, "Miss Pinup Queen of the World". Our American society loves Bettie Page and girls and wives want to be just like well respected Bettie. Boyfriends and husbands love this fad.

Bettie Page introduces her trademark black leather look, sensuous stuff, kinky stuff. She is famed for her long black leather gloves which become a wild-eyed fashion fad. After a long decline in usage from the Roaring Twenties to the second great war, wearing gloves is again a popular trend during the fifties and early sixties.

Late fifties Bettie Page suddenly vanishes from public view, she goes dark and suffers a more than decade long rough period during her life. Page works at becoming a Christian missionary, fails, then she is slammed with some type of psychotic break. She is institutionalized and locked up for years.

Wearing of gloves crashes as a fashion fad. This era of Bettie Page and black leather is over, and replaced by bikinis and nudity of the sixties and seventies.

Our girl loves her Bettie Page look just like her momma! Excites us to come across longer length leather gloves on discount store display. We enjoy a bunch, thick leather, soft leather, thin leather, black, tan, beige and even blue. Leather gloves well blend with our old fashion garter belts and fishnet stockings and, nothing else, just like Bettie Page.

A foremost favorite is our full length devil red silk gloves. Hard to find, we enjoy only two pairs dating back to sometime in the fifties and sixties. Silk feels so scrumptiously sensuous on touched and fondled flesh! We two girls wearing our red gloves and our well tailored birthday suits look to be a fantasy.

Those red silken gloves of ours perfectly blend with a devilishly big red pitchfork, devilish red horns and our devilishly wagging red tails.

Our glove collection, our outfits, our antics and misbehaving often prompts our cowboy gentleman to delight us about our family personality, "Fits like a snug glove."