Boys are always in such a galloping hurry to get there, wherever this may be. Seems boys do not know where they are going, they just have to get there quickly. Not our cowboy, nope, he is a poke along trail rider who enjoys his harem mares and enjoys his riding more than reaching horse trail's end. He is a sweet oats cowboy gentleman who delights over fine fickle fillies and steadfast amorous mares.

An intimate girlfriend delights us, she is staying over a weekend at our home. She is on the young side, tall and slender like beanpole me. We first meet in our university library. She is reading and researching for a senior level English class final term paper. Much to my bleary eye frustration, I am researching for my doctorate dissertation. She is an English major who wants to be a writer, I am an English major and already a writer. We become best of friends, we spend too much of our time talking and laughing. Nonetheless, we know when to slow down and attend to our school work.

Several passings of monthly moons, she is enjoying supper with us Saturday nights. She and my husband hit this off well, they are taken with each other. Our new girlfriend and I are meeting on campus in our student union so we can laugh and talk loud without a stern hatchet-faced librarian woman busting our chops. We take to a game of creating on-the-fly stories while enjoying silly role playing. She likes romantic stories, I like romance with sexual scenes. We take our time, we give thought to our romantic story telling a tale of tail. She recites her paragraph, we talk, find ways to improve her telling then I take a turn after some quiet thinking time. She and I critique my telling, we develop better and more creative ways of telling. We enjoy this, there are times we talk about a single paragraph for an hour. We love those finer story details too many in-a-rush writers leave out.

We are patching together a romantic sex scene. She tells her version, I tell mine, we blend our versions together then slowly go over this again and again while changing and adding to our story. Our anticipation becomes almost giddy while working towards a final telling. I make a change, "...with a glance at his jeans' bulge, girls delight in realization he is not just a cowboy, he is a stallion...." We discuss, we make changes, we laugh and act silly. She adds a thought, "This paragraph will be more exciting if a threesome." Then we set about editing and talking, a new paragraph rises to life, a rather saucy paragraph at that.

Our girlfriend tells a version, I tell a version, we blend together our thoughts and words like two lovers and this sexy paragraph of ours becomes outright hot erotica. We grin, role play some, talk and laugh. A bit of surprise, she slips a hand around my neck then pulls me close, soft voice, "Those girls should kiss like this," and she shows me, she kisses me. We part lips a bit too quick for romance. I suggest, "Their kisses should linger like their lips are stuck together." This time I show her. She edits after we kiss with slow wet parting, "Tongue play would be exciting," and we try this. Sure enough adds tummy tingling lightning bug excitement; together our tongues flit and fly with certain lust.

Looking at her, she is wearing a funny kind of smile I have not read on her face before. Working at reading my girlfriend's face, her eyebrows are slightly raised signaling anticipation. Her eyes are a little wider with a hint of sparkle. Her lips make an uncertainty smile, tad bit of twitching at corners, then she shares, "We should role play this scene. All we need is a cowboy." She raises and arches a questioning eyebrow, a clear "do you want to" type of body language.

I do not hem and haw nor do I dance and prance. I smile and simply say, "Plan on spending a night this Saturday." Her hesitant smile becomes a sparkling grin, "I will!"

Those moons cycle again and the three of us become deeply intimate. This is always deep and intimate with our cowboy, he is pleasingly large, very much so. Our girlfriend comes to realize slow walking a horse trail is more enjoyable and longer lasting than furiously galloping to other side of a pasture.

She reins in her youthful exuberance. She learns to pay attention to details like a good writer. She creates wonderful and often wild details of her own. My husband and I collaborate and add our details to have her gasp and now and then punctuate with a delicious scream. Following our lead rope our girlfriend learns to walk, trot, gallop and to stop and graze for a time. She is quick to learn slow poking along builds crazy making anticipation leading to wildly intense final acts.

We write with kisses and licks a new sensuous romance story each Saturday night and sometimes Wednesday nights as well. After a couple of hours of pleasing and enjoying each other, we are pillow talking. She tells us, "I like this. I don't have to bar-hop, no more weird boys hitting on me, none of that worry. When I want to enjoy love I come home!" She alludes to our enjoying time together as being "home" - a safe and sane place to share smiles, laughs, a lot of moans and a good supper to boot.

Our student union paragraph writing becomes a smooth blend, we are thinking alike, we are lovers. We create new scenes and acts which seem written by a single writer. Most noticeable our short stories move away from fast vigorous sex to sensuously slow; she learns heightening anticipation makes for intensely pleasurable orgasms for three, sometimes an extra couple for the two of us girls.

Saturday night, tasty supper, whiskey sipping, strip poker, we enjoy ongoing seductive foreplay; those looks, those laughs and those suggestive words. An hour or so of enjoying each other, enjoying writing our stories of romance and sex, girl-on-girl, boy-on-girl, girls-on-boy along with enjoying turns spit shining our cowboy and enjoying his tongue tickling our fancies, our girlfriend is anticipation sweaty, so are we. Her anticipation is driving her pleasurably crazy. An hour or more of poke along sexual play creates intense anticipation of those wild whinnying final acts.

My husband whispers in our girlfriend's ear, she grins and is quick to slide off our bed then stand bedside leaning down with hands on bed, legs spread and tail up like a mare. Her heated anticipation blurts, "Come on!" She is more than ready. My husband is to mount her like a stallion on a mare.

We love being our stallion's harem mares. We like butt-cheek-to-butt-cheek pressing together while bedside standing and leaning like winking mares; we can kiss, we can whisper, we can gasp for each other while our stallion sidestep services us both. Knowing what he will do, waiting for a turn at his sowing wild oats, anticipation pops out beads of sweat on our foreheads. We never know which will catch his wild oats sowing, this creates anticipation of enjoying licking and kissing sharing him with each other. Biggest anticipation is just that, he is a big stallion, boy howdy.

This time our girlfriend is to write her solo story of wild oats seeding. This is a time when our stallion sends our anticipation skyrocketing and eventually exploding. She knows what is coming, he is reliably two inches thick and easily nine inches in length. He is an intensely pleasurable snug and slippery fit. As always our cowboy takes his time ever so slowly. He flirts, he teases, he pokes a bit, rubs himself up and down between her swollen lips and makes lightning bug flashes circling her special spot with both little tongue and big tongue. His hands massage at her back, spider walk up and down her ribs, slip under to play with belly and breasts then he is back to flirting and teasing seemly for hours. We know when he is going to, my husband positions himself just right, presses a bit to stay in place, slides his hands to a girl's flanks, gently digs in his fingers and begins pulling her back while shoehorn slipping in. He stallion mounts our girlfriend mare.

The moment his huge head slides through her sensuously snug fitting ring of muscles at welcoming opening, our girlfriend gasps quite loudly, scrunches her face and lets loose a bit of a squeal, then she promptly falls right down to pasture carpet. She is floored.

Our winking mare is surprised by and taken by an unbelievably powerful orgasm, an anticipation orgasm. Her anticipation of enjoying him, her knowing he will be largely and intensely pleasurable, simply feeling his thick head shoehorn through her opening sets her off, has her body tighten, tremble and has her knees buckle and give way. This is purely anticipation which has our girlfriend slip off her erotic edge then fall into wildness of ecstatic pleasure.

She lies on our carpeted floor and is quiet for a time. She giggles and gets herself sitting up and leaning against our bed edge. She looks up at my husband, looks at me then back to our stallion. She is grinning and laughing, excited voice she tells us, "This has never happened to me before!" She is certainly floored by her anticipation.

You readers, girl or boy, all of you enjoy increasing anticipation while reading, "Hurry up and get there!" Were you boys to read our full story of this wonderful evening, you would enjoy more than anticipation and probably floor yourselves.

Anticipation is easily a most important aspect of a healthy and an enjoyable sex life. This is romancing, flirting, teasing and tempting which gives anticipation, "I can't wait! I can't wait any longer!" You can wait, you can take your time and when you do, you will likely be floored.

My writer girlfriend and I create anticipation through our playful writing and role playing. There in our student union when I tell her, "Plan on spending a night this Saturday," we both enjoy tummy lightning bugs which is flittering excitement of lip biting anticipation.

Boys are always in such a hurry, they are quick as a hare buck on a hare doe. A fast flying of fur and a boy instantly falls asleep and drools on a girl's shoulder. This is frustrating for girls. Boys brag about being stallions, about being the biggest of all. When a boy stallion mounts a girl mare, should she blink her eyes she will miss all the action while he gallops right on by.

Slow down, boys, slow way down, a girl wants to be floored not see your bare butt galloping for a front door.