Frigid Hades

For centuries a woman who displays no interest in sex is labeled "frigid" and she is believed to be suffering mental health issues. Reasoning for this belittling is a woman only needs to flop down on her back, spread her legs then service a man. She does not need to be sexually attracted to a man nor need to become aroused, a woman is always ready to give a man what he wants. Sigmund Freud, psychologists and experts decide a frigid woman is mentally ill.

Contrasting, a man who seems not all this interested in sex or does not perform is labeled "impotent" and believed to be suffering a physiological problem; something is wrong with his body, not his mind. Notion is a man is easily aroused and always wants to have sex. Impotence is not an issue of his big brain, this is simply his little brain will not rise to the occasion.

Today's annoyingly politically correct world has frigidity labeled "Female Sexual Dysfunction" and impotence is now "Male Erectile Dysfunction". There is no change in thinking, this offensive degrading of women persists; sexual dysfunction is of the female mind and erectile dysfunction is of the male body.

While reading up on frigidity and impotence I come across an essay written by a girl who vows to her daddy to remain a vestal virgin until married. This "purity pledge" is popular amongst evangelist Christians. She writes remaining chaste ruined her marriage and sex life.

Further study I discover a Christian girl who swears on a Bible her purity pledge makes for the best of a marriage and best of a sex life. She is delighted with God and herself.

Looking at philosophy behind those purity pledges I discover common themes amongst the faithful. My hunch is this attitude of purity plays a part in frigidity, impotence and a lackluster sex life for many. I believe linkage could also be made to our Western World high divorce rate.

Impurity is top of list for Christians. This is defiling and desecration of body, mind and soul by engaging in sex before marriage. Christian doctrine holds only pagans, unclean infidels, are this way: morally bankrupt. God's punishment is burning in Hades for eternity. I am certain Lucifer's pad is full up with heathen Indians like our family.

Lust is a close second on mortal sins. This lust in Jimmy Carter's heart is what tripped him up during his Playboy Magazine interview many decades back. Jimmy is a sinner heading for a Hades roasting. Christians pontificate sexual thoughts in mind or heart filthy a soul. This makes good common sense boys of history, past and present, who like looking at teats and ass are certain to be burning alive down below somewhere, or will be upon kicking the bucket.

Fornication is bad mojo for God's children. This is wanton sex simply for pleasure like teens enjoy in backseats of cars. Any sex outside of marriage is fornication. Sex with a prostitute is fornication. A girl screaming in orgasmic ecstasy, married or not, is fornication. A boy who hisses and sucks air during ejaculation with his wife or other, yes, this is fornication. Any sex which is super pleasurable is fornication. This is a high sin to enjoy sex. Lucifer is waiting.

Adultery is punishable by death. The Bible does not delineate method of capital punishment whether stoning to death for women or hanging to death for men. Either way, God and his Son will send fearful angels to kill people for acts of adultery.

Sodomy is an odd Biblical law. Christians have this sodomy is not just sex back there where people should never poke, sodomy under Biblical scripture includes oral sex. A severely egregious moral offense is a boy ejaculating in a girl's mouth. This act will have Catholics stake both a girl and a boy then burn them to death before delivery to Lucifer.

Homosexuality is a major issue today whether lesbian or gay. This is the Devil's hot button, be sure. Press this big red button and politicians and presidents take to ripping up our Constitution and writing laws to righteously stop this behavior especially same sex marriage. Being lesbian or gay does not allow for having your cake and eat it too.

Biblical law addresses many other issues like orgies, masturbation and even sexual jokes and dirty pillow talking. Only a single sex position is endorsed by God and the virgin Pope: missionary. All other ways of enjoying sex is a sin. Christians are fervent about sticking a finger into sex lives of all peoples.

This is sex education Christian style. Essence is women are to be legs spread mattress back sex servants for men. If not, a woman suffers mental health issues. This blessed sex education of abstinence, purity and ignorance is most intense amongst the naively innocent young.

I am not surprised to come across an essay written by Samantha Pugsley over at the "xoJane" web site which tells a story of her strained marriage, unhappy sex life and a need for therapy because of her vow of purity, "At the age of 10, I took a pledge at my church alongside a group of other girls to remain a virgin until marriage."

Nor is this a surprise to read a rebuttal written by Maggie Sandusky at the "Biblical Woman" web site, a writing which espouses virtues of remaining a virgin until married although Sandusky was not married and still a virgin when she writes her words, "My heart breaks for Samantha. I hope that someday she will come to know the grace of Jesus Christ."

Samantha Pugsley writes of a Christian sex education having her ignorant, confused and mortally fearful of sexuality and sex. She marries, is uncomfortable undressing for honeymoon night, afraid to touch her groom and sex proves to be stressful and painful. She writes in part, "Sex hurt. I knew it would. Everyone told me it would be uncomfortable the first time. What they didn't tell me is that I would be back in the bathroom afterward, crying quietly for reasons I didn't yet comprehend. They didn't tell me that I'd be on my honeymoon, crying again, because sex felt dirty and wrong and sinful even though I was married and it was supposed to be okay now."

Samantha discovers she is a sexually frigid woman and seeks psychological counseling. Her essay is available for reading here, Pugsley Essay

Maggie offers counterpoint which well summarizes she is right because God is on her side. She writes an important passage, "Samantha's story doesn't make me fearful for my wedding night. But it does make me fearful for the young women who listen to her counsel. Sisters, there will be days when you don't want to pursue holiness or we face difficulty in doing so (Rom 7:21-25). But God provides us a way out in temptation (1 Cor 10:13). Our culture tells us our sexuality is no one's business, but Scripture teaches, we are not our own (1 Cor 6:19-20). We belong to Christ!"

I don't believe Maggie discovers much. When she wrote those words she is single, a virgin and has no sexual experiences, not even kissing and hugging. I think Maggie to be a babble-thumper. Her essay is here: Sandusky Essay

Lesson here for readers is simple. If you don't piously protect your purity and your virginity, you know who will come for you, with fire in his eyes and his loins.


From a book of mine:

Bottom of Church House Hill, we watch and listen for a time while sipping our soda pops. I ask, "What's the boy going on about?" I can't understand much of what he is saying, the preacher man hollers and screams then talks real soft and low and all the while he is shaking his fists and thumping on some book, sometimes he even tugs at his hair then looks up at the sky. Billy explains, "Those folks sitting around the church porch are salt-of-the-earth farmers and the preacher man is giving them a sermon on the mount but he ain't no preacher, he's a southern carpetbagger." This makes less sense to me than the preacher man up there spitting out fire and brimstone like that Del Rio Texas preacher man on the radio in our front room. Billy lets go of my hand then looks around, "Chahta anumpuli." He tells me to speak Choctaw. Although he is a white boy, Billyray speaks good Choctaw like me. I tell my boy I understand, "Akostinincho li". We speak Choctaw to keep people from knowing what we are saying although usually what we talk about ain't worth knowing.

He explains "salt of the earth" is hard working honest people who tend to be gullible, especially when this comes to all this god nonsense. A carpetbagger is a man who puts on airs and swindles naive people out of their money, like those church goers all wide-eyed mesmerized by this preaching con man up there on the church porch. "Aba anumpa isht anumpuli, im hochifo Elmer Gantry?" I ask, "How do you know the preacher man's name?" Billy explains, "Elmer Gantry is not his name, he is like Elmer Gantry in that movie." This time I lay a hand on his arm to have his attention, "Akostinincho li, Elmer Gantry chohmi, hatak isht Elmer Gantry chohmi." Billy pats my hand, "Yes, he is like Elmer Gantry, chohmi not hochifo." Tell him, "You can say 'itiholba' but that means he looks like Elmer Gantry." My boyfriend is a tad bit confused, "A wood likeness?" I slip my arm around his slim waist hoping he is distracted enough to not notice I'm working at pitching a woo on him, "Use 'chohmi' when you act like someone or an animal. We say 'holba' when you always behave like something else, and 'itiholba' means you are carved to look like something. Now tell me about this Elmer Gantry boy." Billy grins at me, "I'll tell you if you stop squeezing the breath out of me." He tugs at my arm and makes me let go of him. Darn him, I want folks to see me hugging Billyray so they will know he is my boyfriend and know I'm going to marry this handsome boy. I especially want my girlfriends sitting there listening to Elmer Gantry preaching to see us being all lovey-dovey like a stallion and a mare being playfully naughty out in pasture privacy.