Hot Rod Girls

Arrival of these sisters churns up quite a camera commotion. T-Bucket hot rod, headers uncorked, heavy metal thunder, their stage entrance is like their personalities; fiery. We would not have this any less, our family lives a wild life.

They are sisters, their story is told a million times over here in America. Parents are illegals who must keep a low profile in life. Jobs are scarce, decent pay is only a wish, money is fleeting, life is tough and authorities are always looking for this family and other families.

We love our sister friends, we have known each other for a big handful of years, since they are teenagers fresh out of high school. Gorgeous, man slaying smiles, happy dispositions and fun loving, their future is challenging; these sisters cannot afford to attend college.

Full of gumption, ambitious, those sisters' future hope is jobs better than minimum wage and certainly not as house maids and window washers. There is an obstacle, they are Hispanic daughters of illegals much as our family is of Choctaw heritage; we are branded.

Stepping out of their hot rod ride, eyeballs of some boys pop right out of their heads, fall to concrete sidewalk and roll around. Other boys get the vapors, faint then fall right over backwards. No serious injuries, though, maybe just to their macho pride.

Our cowboy introducing our girlfriends to this world of hot rods and old boys who are retired with too much time and too much money in their hands.

Our sister friends are sharp but need to learn some financial finesse. They create a business of their own, work as a team, never separated. Their clientèle are old boys with gobs of old money to spend.

We offer finesse. We introduce those sisters to our financial advisor and investment manager. They establish a conservative growth fund with monthly deposits. Their retirement plan is doing well; safe and sane growth. Our family hooks up those sisters with our tax consultant and and our aggressive real estate agent. This tax consultant provides ways to lawfully report their earnings with low risk of some IRS agent slamming them with an audit as righteous retribution for their sins. We all have our sins, yes? Our real estate agent locates for them a good deal on a nice home, big enough for both to share along with being located in a quiet mind-your-own-business neighborhood. Subsequently, our sister friends are slowly and carefully investing in real estate rental income like our family.

They will succeed, they are adamant and assertive. Those sisters will retire from public view by their forties and live modest but extra comfortable lives. They are coming a long ways since a coyote led their parents across the southern border.

Their choice of college is this reality of life which often stymies the college educated.

He and his girlfriends are grinning. Our girl hollers at our cowboy, "Oh, daddy! You have a delightful two-for-one hot rod girls special!"

Hasta la vista, "see you later", gestures which portend certain delights to come much later in our hot rod girls' day. This is a truth of reality of life few are willing to acknowledge.

Early Days:

Today Our Cowboy: