Kokopelli Origins

Tracing Kokopelli and his female counterpart, Kokomana, back to origins is impossible. Those spirits date back at least three-thousand years based upon petroglyphs and pictographs. Kokopelli originates with ancient Pueblo, is adopted by Anasazi then spreads out to southwest tribes as far away as Utah and Oklahoma.

This short synopsis version of original Hopi lore is based upon work of Mischa Titiev, Professor of Anthropology, circa 1935 - 1940. He lives with and he is highly honored by Hopi for his efforts to preserve this legend of Kokopelli, a "kachina" spirit.

A preface is needed for comprehension. Some Hopi girls are "fussy" and will not have sex with just anyone. They are "qwivi" - vain and picky. These girls prefer to sexually mate with spirits. This story is about such a girl.

Indians are obsessive about cleanliness and we use a favorite same spot for relieving ourselves. This qwivi girl enjoys her own place, habitually.

Back when the first Hopi village, "Oraibi", comes about, this beautiful qwivi girl lives there and outside their village kachina Kokopelli lives with his grandmother. All Hopi boys are rejected by qwivi. Kokopelli tells his grandmother he will try to win her over.

Kokopelli watches her closely. Each day when sun is straight overhead, she walks to edge of mesa to her favorite place and relieves herself. Kokopelli makes a plan.

He digs a trench over to her favorite place, lays hollowed-out reed in his trench then covers with dirt and brushes this out with sage so qwivi girl will not notice. Just before high sun Kokopelli sits in concealment, slides his huge long penis through this reed over to her place, then waits. She arrives, squats, and Kokopelli slides his penis on through and up into this girl. She is startled at first then realizes this feels good and enjoys this odd feeling without looking to see what is happening.

Each day qwivi girl visits her favorite place when sun is high. Each day Kokopelli inserts his penis. She comes to really enjoy this and comes to enjoy a thrilling ending. In time she becomes pregnant and gives birth to a handsome baby boy.

Her tribal peoples are baffled. No boy has ever successfully seduced her. All want to know who is the father including qwivi girl who has no idea how she becomes pregnant. Their chief announces a foot race to discover the father. Boys collect bouquets of pretty flowers then race to qwivi to hold out their flowers while she sits and nurses. This baby boy will reach out and hold those flowers when presented by the actual father.

Kokopelli enters this race and finishes last. All laugh and poke fun at him. Kokopelli is a bit ugly and is scrawny, he is not much of a catch for a girl. He races up to this qwivi, all are amazed, her baby boy holds those flowers and laughs. Kokopelli is his father! Qwivi girl and he marry. Kokopelli proves himself a good father and husband. He works hard for his tribe and discovers he can bring rain for crops with his flute music which ushers out winter and brings spring.

Tribal men become jealous of Kokopelli; his wife is the prettiest and he is admired. Plots come about to kill Kokopelli and steal away his pretty wife who is no longer qwivi - she learns humility from her husband. Spider Woman spirit comes to their home and warns of this danger. Spider Woman grants him special powers. Kokopelli becomes a powerful kachina spirit and foils all attempts to kill him.

Being of good heart, Kokopelli helps all tribes around. He wears a backpack stuffed with seeds to plant, baby spirits and other gifts. This is the "hunch" on his back. Kokopelli wears no clothes and his sizeable penis is easy too see. Kokopelli travels about playing his flute to bring spring rains while generously giving out crop seeds and, for girls, he gives them baby spirits - they become pregnant by Kokopelli.

This is the earliest beginnings of Kokopelli as told by Hopi lore. Each major tribe enjoys their own lore version but this basic story holds true for all.