Momma's Tongue

Famed Playboy model Belen Rodriguez and her handsome son, Santiago, are quite the lovingly playful mother and son pair too often chased by gossip whispering paparazzi. Out and about painting the town whipped cream white, Belen's tongue has her in trouble again!

A tad bit too much enjoyment of wine and Italian pasta, Belen and Santiago become endearingly childhood playful, they start up a whipped cream war! Although I suspect young and spirited Santiago this is not clear who smears the first creamy gob smack. Doesn't really matter, mother and son are enjoying a giggling blast!

Older and more brazen, momma Belen is well schooled in psych-op warfare, she employs her tongue to win this minor skirmish; she licks whipped cream off Santiago's lips and cheek. He is defeated by squeals, giggles and laughter!

Basking in her battlefield glory, momma Belen is confident, smug and ornery; she rubs her son's face in her victory, "There, this will teach you to mess with momma!"

Almost all enjoy playful family love, especially children. Belen Rodriguez gives her son quite the gift, she becomes his playmate, his equal. She sets aside her earned fame and high society lifestyle then becomes a silly child for her son; she plays his way.

This is endearing truth:

This is mean spirited and malicious deceit:

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