Moonlite Bunnies

Late Dennis Hof, owner of a half dozen legal brothels in Nevada, dies as men would have - instant death by heart attack after enjoying loving play with a sex worker at his Love Ranch brothel. Hof dies content and with a smile on his face.

Couple weeks after his death Dennis Hof landslide wins a legislative seat in Nevada's 36th assembly district. He is a winner all around.

Hof enjoys an incredible talent at marketing strategies for his brothels. He is directly involved in public relations from Hollywood to Wall Street. His Moonlite Bunny Ranch becomes internationally famed for years. So does Dennis Hof. Although law forbids advertising his brothel business, Hof sidesteps those laws and manages to have his face and his brothels pop up everywhere including an hour long HBO special. His becomes a multimillion dollar business.

All of four-foot-eight, "Alice Little" is highest money earner of Moonlite Bunny Ranch. Fairly new, her first year she clears a half million dollars. Following year Alice brings in a three-quarters of a million dollars in business. During 2018 year she earns over a million dollars for her services. After expenses, taxes and Bunny Ranch cut, Alice's take home pay is just over a half-million bucks. Alice is a highly successful little girl hooker.

Alice Little uses a business model much like Dennis Hof. She successfully works social media networks to her distinct advantage. Her plan is meticulously organized, cleverly multifaceted and aggressively deployed. Alice avoids those pitfalls of law which forbid advertising brothels outside of counties of business location. Our guesstimate is the girl will be an entry level multimillionaire by 2020 year.

Three of us in our family are up in Reno enjoying a wildly popular car show event. We always misbehave in Reno and our naughty ways do not stay in Reno. Excited about our appointment at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, we taxicab down to Carson City only fifteen minutes south.

A working girlfriend of several years greets us at front door of the ranch, she is ready and knows of our penchant for all three of us to share a bed with her. A bit pricey for many but those lifelong loving memories are priceless.

She enjoys some free time after our hour long frolic. August nights in Reno actually are hot. We decide to cool off in a swimming pool while swapping lies and adventures to catch up with each other and events in our lives. Our girlfriend and I know to keep our hair dry, our cowboy and his girl do not have a cow lick of sense. A girl is to always look good especially during afterglow!

During small talk our girlfriend passes a comment about a big meeting coming up between the Bunny Ranch, Rick's Cabaret and Daily Planet down in Australia. This certainly perks our interest but we play this cool like no big deal. We privately discuss this after flying back home; we sense a chance at making some money.

Moonlite Bunny Ranch is wildly successful being well operated and advertised. History is long and profitable. Rick's Cabaret is around as long and equally successful earning millions in annual profits. Daily Planet is a new kid on the block which converted a bankrupt hotel into a multiple story brothel Down Under. Reports are this hotel-brothel is going great guns.

Our family thinking is Moonlite, Rick's and Planet will form a partnership then create franchise brand name brothels on an international scale. Prostitution pays well. This late summer meeting comes and go like Bunny Ranch customers. No news, no gossip, no rumors, nothing. We want to buy into an initial public offering of stock but nada.

Moonlite Bunny Ranch is privately owned, no public stock is offered. Dennis Hof, over years, hints he plans to keep the ranch in his name, only.

Back in late 2002 year when we hatch our scheme to cash in on hooking, Rick's is trading on the NASDAQ market and this company is beginning to display signals of an upward trend in stock value.

Big excitement for our family, the Daily Planet is listed on the Australian stock exchange! May of 2003 darling and infamous madam Heidi Fleiss is there on the market floor for opening bell and first day of trading for Australia's famous brothel!

Our girl, her daddy and I decide Moonlite, Rick's and Planet are making their big move to becoming an international franchise brothel brand. We want a piece of the action!

The Fates, Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos, are quite a fickle trio of girls; our grandiose plans do not pan out as expected. Daily Planet opens on the Australian markets, trading is brisk and steady for a time. Then a long downhill slide into oblivion. A problem confronts us, we cannot figure out how to buy Australian stock through E*Trade.

Since she is thirteen, after her Choctaw rite of passage to womanhood, our daughter is fully responsible for managing our family money. Lot of tough decisions for her and she is exceedingly talented at money matters. She contacts an advisor at E*Trade for help buying Daily Planet stock. She has an answer in less than a minute: "You have to be a legal citizen of Australia to buy and sell stock on their exchange." Dead in the water.

Undaunted and almost of legal drinking age, a young university girl on a fast track to her PhD, our daughter advises us during supper, "There is a way we can enjoy a nice piece of prostitution." Her cowboy daddy sits up straight, becomes big eyed and grins, "Tell us!" She enjoys a wicked wit like her momma and knows how to get her daddy's full attention.

Our daughter explains we can invest in RICK stock and likely earn modest profits as a spinoff gain of Rick's Cabaret joining a three way partnership for franchise brothels. She gives her daddy a look and a grin, "You know how much I love a threesome!"

She is assertive, she sets her rules: "We will limit our investment risk to forty grand and if losses hit ten percent of our money I will sell all our stock, no debating, no exceptions." Still not of legal age to drink, and she does anyhow, our girl is most certainly a full grown woman.

Our Choctaw daughter is true to our Indian tradition of chasing after truth. During this time of our earning a nice piece of prostitution she researches John Trimble "front man" owner of the Daily Planet. A year of chasing truth she tells us a story. John Trimble is nephew to "Aussie Bob" who is an Italian Mafia chieftain for operations in Australia. This Daily Planet boy, Trimble, is deeply connected to the Mafia, he even changes his name from "Trimbole" to "Trimble" to conceal himself from inquisitive minds like our girl.

Part of her story is Trimble violating his business license and violating city codes. He is limited to a certain number of beds for his working girls. Mafioso Trimble secretly knocks a hole in a wall to an adjoining building and constructs twenty more bedrooms.

My recent essay Amsterdam Red discusses this severe problem of organized crime wedging and bullying into brothels to conceal human trafficking, other words, sex trade in young girls and young boys. This is an ongoing worldwide pervasive tragedy in part because lawmakers and presidents are frightened by the Mafia and "dirt" they know.

Our family belief is this three way meeting, Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Rick's Cabaret and Daily Planet, produces no results because this is discovered John Trimble is Mafia and pulling a con job.

The Daily Planet is listed on Australia's stock exchange and barely a year later is delisted; Trimble's brothel business becomes a pile of horse apples.

A number of creditors, mortgage holders and even Trimble's secretary file civil litigation to collect monies owed. A court slaps the Mafia boy with a forced foreclosure and liquidation. Doors of this brothel are closed and locked, the building is sold for just under nine-million. Mafioso Trimble walks away with a big wad of cash in pocket.

Angry good Christians, and those folks seem to always be angry, are so laughably ignorant and amusingly gullible. They wave their torches and scream about those evils of prostitution and drugs and crime and blight and one-eyed, one-horned, flyin' purple people eaters.

Ain't so. Owners of legal brothels operate legitimate big bucks businesses and they take good care of their workers; safe and sane work places, good pay, health insurance and, respect. Brothel owners absolutely never consider moving into criminal behaviors.

This is organized crime syndicates, with politicians, world leaders and the Pope hidden in their pockets, who bring drugs, crime and violence. Wealth and power corrupt those who lead including the Almighty.

Prostitution is a multi-billion dollar business around our world. Decent people are attracted like Dennis Hof of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Robert Watters and Eric Langan of Rick's Cabaret and our American Indian family. Most decent of all are those working girls looking to live better and well tend to their families. Prostitution is a means to an end goal: surviving life.

Our daughter is fiercely adamant about managing our family finances since she is thirteen years old. She faithfully follows her own rules. Our girl buys ten-thousand shares of RICK at an average price just under four dollars a share. She honors her forty grand maximum risk. A few months before election of Obama and coming of the Great Depression 2, she is nervous about market conditions and our American economy, she sells all of our RICK stock along with many other holdings.

Those Fates, Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos, are good to our family. This half wild daughter of ours, after those damn taxes, earns the three of us a cool net profit of a hundred and thirty-thousand buckaroos, more than enough to buy her cowboy daddy a hundred pieces of prostitution. She is responsible, she is an old school spendthrift, she buys this cowboy husband of ours only twenty-five pieces and banks the rest.