Museum Of Sex

During April of last year, Ogi Ogas with Psychology Today interviews Sarah Forbes who is curator of the Museum of Sex located in New York city. In part, she comments,

"Regardless of the particular exhibition, for me the great pleasure of my work at the Museum was normalizing the conversation around sex and sexuality. For some patrons, this process of normalization could even become a tool aiding communication between partners. By looking at sex through the lens of anthropology, history, art and culture I have had the honor of making this often taboo topic into an educational, consumable and entertaining platform, which has the unique and powerful ability to lead to conversation and learning."

"With a Masters in Anthropology, with a focus on gender and sexuality, I offer a unique and singular perspective within the field of sex. My background emphasizes the cross-cultural historical perspective of sex and the exploration of the tremendous variety and diversity that currently exists in the sexual landscape. I have had the unique pleasure of being an ‘Indiana Jones' of sex for the last decade."
- Sarah Forbes : click to visit Curator of Sex

Splendor In The Grass

"For its 2nd annual Kinesthesia Art Commission the Museum of Sex presents Splendor in the Grass, an immersive installation by world renowned Studio Droog. Splendor in the Grass translates the campground setting into a surreal adult playground where the complexities of human sexuality are at play in multiple physical, visual and olfactory experiences. Enveloped in elaborate forest-like scenery, this sensual habitat is complete with a moving sky, campfire and live park rangers. Five interactive camping tents connect the visitor to phases of sexual stimulation and the thrill of arousal in an encounter that is both whimsical and titillating."

Hardcore: A Century & A Half Of Obscene Imagery

"In our modern Internet Age, with thousands of explicit images available at the click of a button, the terms "hardcore" and "pornography" have become nearly synonymous. But while it is easy to imagine that "hardcore" is an invention of the 21st century, the desire to sexually break the boundaries of physical and social modesty has long revealed itself throughout history. Despite repeated attempts to censor, sequester or "sanitize" this sexual past, artifacts left from previous generations prove our ancestors were not as asexual as an expurgated version of history would like us to believe. Though much has been lost or discarded, many private collections were kept hidden and secretly traded. Highlights of the exhibition include: a 1855 New York City Brothel Guide; a hand illustrated sex manual from the late nineteenth century; turn of the century photographs featuring interracial sex, group sex, same sex encounters and sex toys use; early stag films; a late twentieth century "glory hole"; as well as a collection of erotic artifacts hidden for nearly a century in the brickwork of a recently renovated Brooklyn brownstone."


"The featured artifacts in OBJECTXXX: Selected Artifacts from the Museum of Sex Archive speak to the depth and diversity of artifacts that exist in the Museum of Sex's permanent collection of nearly 20,000 items. Amassed through directed acquisition and generous donation, the Museum of Sex's permanent collection, research library and extensive media library are an extension of the institution's dedication to the preservation and presentation of the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality."

Jump For Joy

"Traveling fairs have always had an air of other-worldliness to them. Seen as a venue for the pursuit of pleasure, fairgrounds allowed different aspects of society a place to mingle and participate in a multitude of vices. At the fair, unacceptable behavior was accepted against the norms of society, allowing visitors to be familiar and free with each other. Here, visitors could sneak moments of intimacy, enabling the audience to cling, touch and embrace, whilst the world spun them around in a vortex of speed and modernity."

The Sex Lives Of Animals

"...The Sex Lives of Animals presents an uncensored story of the birds and the bees, moving animal sexuality beyond the confines of reproduction and mating, towards discussions of orientation and cognition. Emergent research in the study of animal behavior reveals that animals participate in an astonishing array of sexual behaviors, conceding that sex is more than a biological drive to reproduce. Surprisingly, all conceivable sexual partnerships and sex acts exist, from foreplay to post-coital cuddling: animals engage in kissing, hugging, self and mutual stimulation, oral sex and every kind of penetrative intercourse imaginable. Sex in the animal kingdom is as nuanced as it is in the human realm; and sex-for-pleasure, it seems, is not just restricted to Homo sapiens...."

Sarah Forbes and her staff sponsor a wild variety of exhibitions both periodic and permanent. Click to enjoy exploring Museum of Sex