Playing Doctor

Late afternoon our schoolmarm dismisses us kids for the day, "I'll see y'all tomorrow!" We are eleven and twelve. A local farm boy and farm girl me are walking down our dirt road heading for our family farms a couple miles farther. Pine forest is whiskers thick either side our rough road. I know momma panther is in shadows out there watching us and waiting for a chance to pounce then drag one of us into forest to feed her kittens.

Boy up and tells me, "Let's play cowboys and injuns!" I know this game, back at home this cowboy I madly love tells me about boys and their games. This farm boy wants to play a game which should be called, "Cowboy and naked injun girl."

Out in forest I keep a wary eye for momma panther, several nights now she is outside our bedroom window screaming about being hungry. Boy says, "Taha, take off your overalls and I will take off mine!" Overalls is all I wear, nothing else. Most of the time I don't wear my overalls, I don't wear anything out working in our fields.

Tell him with excitement on my face and with an enthusiastic voice, "OK!" Slipping my shoulder straps down and slowly lowering my overall bib, the boy's grin vanishes and he takes to wide-eyed staring. When my tiny fleshy breasts appear, he licks his lips a couple times and his eyes just about pop out of his head. I have him the way I want; mindlessly lustful.

Teasingly slow, I lower my overalls, down belly, past my bellybutton, down to where I know my fresh growth of darkish downy hair is showing; I am becoming a grown woman. Quickly I pull my overalls back up and slip on my shoulder straps, "You take off your overalls then I will take off mine!"

This barefoot farm boy is more than cooperative, seems only seconds his overalls are off and tossed aside. I look where this is interesting and silently think, "He ain't any bigger than half my little finger!" He doesn't have enough to even poke my bellybutton. My cowboy comes to mind, he looks like a ten foot long rattlesnake. He is huge!

He still has on his long sleeve white shirt. I point, "Take off your shirt too then I will take off my overalls!" He is fast, hurries to unbutton and pull off his shirt. I can't help but grin, the boy is the size of a gnat and he is bald! He tosses his shirt atop of his overalls. Moment he looks aside to throw his shirt I bum-rush him, shove him down on pine needles, grab up his overalls and shirt then take off running like crazy.

With a good head start I beat the boy to our dirt road where I run like the wind. Quite a distance down, I look over a shoulder. The boy is standing forest edge looking up and down our dirt road; indecision has him frozen in place like a statue.

Mile down our road I slow to a brisk walk. He ain't coming after me, he is naked. One way or another, he will have to walk back to his farm, naked as a jaybird!

Passing their family farm I wait until even with their cow pasture. I toss his overalls and shirt over their pasture fence for someone in his family to find, maybe his momma!

Don't even think about telling me you never played doctor during your childhood. I know you did! Research has this a significant majority of kids play doctor or some variation. Children are curious, they are innocent and don't suffer a sense of being sinful. Children readily take off their clothes with a friend or friends, same sex or opposite sex, then look, touch, feel and often fondle each other. This activity is perfectly normal.

Recently, to my surprise, I read a report more than a third of ten year old kids still play doctor. However, this seems more kids using an old game to initiate a new game; sexual foreplay. Children might call this "playing doctor" to cover for being sexual. At age ten, children are well aware of their sexuality.

How parents react to their children playing doctor imprints on their minds for life. This nature of parental thinking directly affects and influences adult sexuality of a child. This can be positive or negative like all things of raising kids.

When kids are "caught" playing doctor, if those children react with embarrassment and believe themselves in trouble, this is not good, this is unhealthy. This is a reflection of parents suffering puritanical like moral values; they are brainwashed by Christianity. Usually this is the case, kids are scolded and punished which lifelong embeds a notion in their minds sex is bad, sex is sinful. This does exert a negative affect on adult sex.

Contrasting, should a parent walk in on kids enjoying playing doctor then advise, "I am sorry for intruding on your privacy. Next time I will knock first and wait for permission." This provides instant relief of anxieties children might experience. This makes for a positive and healthy event which helps lead to an enjoyable adult sex life.

Responsible parents like this will follow up with a gentle talk about private compared to public behaviors. Might explain some may not like their activities and this play should be in privacy of home or even bedroom. This is a golden opportunity to lightly touch upon sex education which prepares kids for later life deep conversations.

Spin the Bottle is another fun game for kids, teens and adults alike. This game is easily adaptable to be age appropriate including play just right for parents and kids. A game like this is an "ice breaker" which allows for social interaction which many are too shy to enjoy. Perfect for kindergarten kids, spin the bottle is also great for swinging adults looking for reason to enjoy group sexual activities!

This version of spin the bottle is just right for teens. Rules are docile and allows for teens and young adults to be lightly sexually playful such as kissing and massaging. Amongst fears of teens is touching another in a sexual way or in a loving way. Playing this type of game has teens learn what their peers like or, dislike. This is a way to experiment sexually without all those hangups and problems; safe and sane.

Most Americans know we Indians are too dumb to figure out to spin a bottle so we play "spin the tomahawk". I am displaying an American Indian sense of humor, kind of cuts.

Our cowboy loves playing strip poker with a girlfriend or two of ours we invite over for Saturday night dining, drinking, dancing and diddling. He is great at poker, most often wins but not too quickly. Strip poker is gentle fun foreplay, he likes to take his time and make this last.

Playing strip poker is a tradition for our Indian family. When my husband and I are young, quintessential farm kids, we sit on our bed at night under coal oil lamp light playing strip poker. Later I figure out he allows me to win to have this fun for me! This is more a reward of building of my personal confidence by winning rather than seeing him nude. Heck, we share a bedroom and bed, we bathe together and we intimately sleep together, nude. Annoying for him, I keep the boy awake half the night with my sexual antics which are many.

When out of clothes to take off, we continue our poker games with "dares". My cowboy wins a hand, he says, "I dare you to talk backwards in Choctaw!" Quite the challenge. If I don't accept his dare, I must get up and walk around flapping my folded arms like a chicken while repeatedly saying, "Squawk! I'm a chicken! Squawk!" This is our rule.

My dares when I win are blatantly sexual. There is a reason for this which I will touch upon momentarily. I might dare him, "You have to kiss my nipples!" Usually he will, nipples are no big thing, certainly not mine; I am young and quite small there. More Indian humor. My favorite dare is, "You have to lick and kiss my (generic naughty word for what is between my thighs)!" He almost always gets up and chicken walks.

Now and then, quite rare, he accepts my dare. Just the thought of what he is about to do makes for a swarm of lightning bugs exploding in my tummy. Makes my hands tremble! He lays me back then starts sliding his hands and arms under my thighs and backside to complete my dare, anticipation is so fierce I feel like I am about to faint!

Later in life he explains he does this, randomly accepts my lascivious dares, to help me calm down, to satisfy some of my sexual desires and to have me feel a special love.

Reason for this is twofold. I am born a natural and real life nymphomaniac, still am. Most powerful reason is I must make him my husband. This is my only goal in life. I madly love the boy, he is my one and only, always. He tells me a million times, "I ain't marrying no crazy injun girl!" Next best option is to have him get me pregnant. I drive the boy crazy with all my stunts, tricks and seductions to have sex with him. He is a cowboy gentleman, if I become pregnant he will marry me. He always says, "NO!"

An odd twist on this is I am the sexual aggressor and he is defender of my chastity. This is the opposite of what our society traditionally expects; boy aggressor.

Indian or not, our traditional peoples warmly welcome visitors into our tribes as if they are family. Previously I discuss a tribe as a whole is a family. We are all mothers and fathers to all our children and we are all sisters and brothers. We Indians are family, we are of one mind.

I also discuss this familiarity and love amongst a tribe. Many families share a tepee or a lodge. We eat and sleep together, nude, like our family does. Sex is not hidden from anyone including our children. This is also our family tradition. This closeness, this love, this relaxed environment lends to our children, at times, enjoying sexual play of which we approve and encourage.

A girl walking by an Indian boy might reach out and give his penis a tug then take off running and laughing. This is ordinary play, no sexual component. Contrasting, she might hug up to him then reach down and fondle him. This is certain sexual play which is common. There is no need for those two to hide in backseat of a 1963 Chevy Impala, this type of sexual play amongst children is most acceptable and is traditional.

For most tribes, not all, there is an expectation after puberty our kids will engage in sexual activities including intercourse. This is a way of many of deciding who to marry. In this sense traditional Indian kids try out a loving relationship to discover if they are compatible and would make for a good marriage and a healthy happy family.

Our traditional tribes do encourage our children to engage in sexual play and sexual acts to both learn and to make good choices for spouses. There is no need for a spin the tomahawk game to break the ice and provide reason for sexual play. Our sense of tribe being family and our love for all of tribe makes for a familiarity which allows our kids to skip over the games and get right down to real life. Our kids are "comfortable".

Nudity is an important component for virtually all tribes. This is often a test of others to determine if they are Indian enough to understand our traditions. If not comfortable with nudity, we Indians usually and politely dismiss a person as another uptight white person. This person is treated well but misses out on much which we withhold. If they cannot take off their clothes, they cannot open their minds to new ways of thinking.

Our high school girl and I are treated to and honored with a nudity test by Mescalero Apache with whom we are to live for a month. This tribes tricks us into standing bare butt naked in front of their chief, children, all of them. Quite the comical story which will be shared in the near future! Our girl and I pass this test just fine, we enjoy nudity.

By-the-by, almost all traditional Indian children are nude until after puberty. No need to fool a girl into "cowboys and injuns" - we are already naked.

A traditional tribe is a family. All are mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers and all love each other and their tribe as a whole. Families share living quarters. Nothing is hidden, no topic is taboo nor are any behaviors taboo. We eat, sleep, have sex and love together for all to see. This lends to our children being able to lead natural and normal lives free of those anxieties of and pretentious behaviors of mainstream America.

All of this is possible because as we Indians walk our circles of life, we are of one mind.