During our childhood there is a crazy Choctaw woman, Flora, who is said to be the meanest and most murderous woman of McCurtain County history. She is a distant cousin of mine. We know Flora killed at least two, maybe three of her husbands over many years. Back then Flora is married to four men all at the same time. She enjoys a husband in four different towns scattered around the county. She visits with this one for a week then is off to stay with another husband for a couple of weeks. She is like a circuit judge traveling round taking care of whatever business.

Several Choctaw Men enjoy two wives each. All live down near Ponki Bok called "Choctaw Town" by local farming families. A husband enjoys two wives, two mothers for his children and two hard working women helping their family get through life. Those families are successful and productive, they enjoy comfort in life through unique living arrangements.

None of us ever give this a second thought, multiple husbands or wives is an old tradition for many tribes across America. This is a smart tradition, this is survival of the fittest. Christians of old work at convincing Choctaw this behavior is sinful, never works, our tribe honors our old ways including encouraging girls and boys to pair off according to advice of parents. Notion is to provide every possible advantage for surviving life.

Although Christians, our grandparents raise my cowboy and me the same way. They see in us a great team, a great husband and wife and future parents. Grandpa and grandma make sure we end up together. We have always been together since my birth. We share a bedroom and bed just like the three of us in our family do today. We eat together, bathe together and sleep together. We are treated like adults from an early age on. There are lots of responsibilities and we enjoy adult privileges in return for behaving right and working hard even though we are kids.

Later in life when our girl comes along, my husband and I decide to raise her just like our grandparents raised us. Our grandparents raise us right, we learn a lot and mature quickly. This gives us an advantage in life, we are always out in front of life. I wean our girl from nursing when she starts kindergarten. She makes a transition from baby to child. We start up treating her like an adult with plenty of leeway in keeping with her young age. As she ages we increasingly treat her like an adult both in responsibilities and enjoyment of earned adult activities. Like long ago, we eat together, bathe together, sleep together and by necessity, she is privy to even our most intimate sexual behaviors, typically wide-eyed and watching when she becomes old enough to stay awake on her own accord. Three of us never hide anything from each other, no topic is taboo, no behavior is forbidden but there are appropriate consequences for behaviors both good and bad.

Her daddy and I often question and weigh if we are doing right raising her in a way to have her mature quickly and become an adult by her early teens like her parents. Our grandparents did right, turns out we also do right. During high school our girl earns straight letter A grades, doesn't drink with her friends, never touches drugs and avoids sexual behaviors. She prefers to be at home where all her needs are fulfilled within a safe and sane environment.

Before our daughter enjoys her rite of passage to womanhood upon beginning menses, she is already a full grown woman capable of making her own way through life but some of her responsibilities and privileges are limited, she has to make this traditional passage first and continue learning. Nonetheless, before her honorable rite she, all three of us, we are more than comfortable with all notions of life from nudity to sexual behaviors to love, and certainly comfortable with working hard and getting ahead in life; we are a perfect team, then and today.

Few weeks after her traditional rite of womanhood, during supper she tells us, "I'm a full grown woman now, you can no longer say 'no' to me. I have to make my own decisions and live with those decisions." Boy howdy, does raising her during her teen years become challenging! She is right, we have to abide by rules we set. We raise her to be an adult, we cannot suddenly change our minds and tell her, "Well, no, we have decided you are not really an adult."

Mainstream Americans experience difficulties understanding this concept of an adult wearing a young girl's body. There is a distinct and deep cultural divide between Indians and Americans. I am not sure if ordinary people can rise up to a realization children can be adults at an early age.

Our girl and I fix up a delicious supper for our cowboy on a Friday night. For several weeks he is working hard and putting in long hours to earn a better life for our family. We are no longer poor but teetering on an edge between poverty and success. We are a team, all three of us work and contribute best we can between our girl attending school and my attending college with both of us girls working poor paying part time jobs. Supper is good, our cowboy is belching happy, our girl and I get busy cleaning up our kitchen.

Almost done with washing and drying dishes, our girl pokes at me then hikes her thumb to look at her daddy. We look, he is sitting at our tiny supper table where we eat and enjoy drinking whiskey and playing strip poker while swapping lies. He has on a nice cowboy hat and a matching shirt but no pants, he is naked from his waist down. This is odd but not really of concern, both our daughter and I are already naked when her daddy comes home from work. We whisper a bit although we know he is listening. He looks sad, is holding a short glass half full of whiskey and there is a whiskey bottle on our table. This bottle is an antique and hasn't been wetted with whiskey for at least a hundred years! Dawns on us he fixing to role play just like we do for him. Sometimes we girls are exotic harem girl belly dancers for him, other times we are Egyptian slave girls obeying his every word. Now and then we are Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane shooting up a bar. A lot of fun, we play the part of harlots.