Proper Pussies

Three of us are enjoying a warm afternoon splashing, laughing and skinny dipping in a gorgeous lake hidden away within a whiskers thick pine forest. We have a picnic basket and blanket waiting for us in a bedroom size clearing carpeted with sweet grass. Our wicker basket offers turkey sandwiches, grapes and other fruits along with a bottle of champagne. Our plan is to play until hungry, enjoy our picnic on a blanket then afterwards thrill ourselves with sweaty sweet sex.

Walking along shoreline for an hour, we have fun wading out into our lake to kick water at each other like silly children along with hugging, kissing and fondling, just enough to be foreplay. Our girl splashes water on our cowboy, he barks, "Stop, don't be splashing cold water on me there!" She grins, "That's for your own good, if you get any bigger you'll be dragging on ground!"

Not far from our picked out picnic spot, there is a washed out cliff face along shoreline. Our cowboy tells us, "You girls get up there and sit on the edge, this will make for nice photographs."

This takes some climbing to reach top although our cliff is barely head high. Lots of loose dirt and pebbles has this challenging to get a handhold and foothold; we keep sliding down.

Up top, I help our girl come on up, edge of this cliff is weak and crumbles away. Holding onto roots helps but we still shriek between laughter.

Our girl settles into more leaning her butt against this cliff with her feet propping her up on a pile of gravel below. More challenging for me, my feet cannot find a foothold, I end up bracing myself with one leg while my other leg dangles. Leaning against our girl helps keep my balance.

Without thinking, she keeps her legs together and I slip a hand down between my legs. This is a habit learned at nudist resorts and nude beaches, we don't simply flaunt everything.

Our cowboy is watching, has his camera ready, tells us, "You girls part your legs so I can see those pretty pussies of yours!" His girl is quick to get her legs apart, she enjoys his looking at her as much as I enjoy his looking. This is awkward, she has to spread her legs wide to have footholds but keep her knees together to not slide down.

"Taha, slide a leg under hers nearest to help our girl stay on the cliff, she looks knock-kneed." I start wiggling a leg under hers, cliff starts crumbling, she screams, "Stop, I'm going to fall!"

Working at sliding my leg back out, I wiggle around on a sharp rock or a pointed twig, jabs my butt and hurts like a bee sting, makes me yelp and holler. With my leg out, daddy says, "Hook your leg over hers and pull, girl you drop your right leg and get a foothold."

We have ourselves arranged, my girl has footholds with both feet but I'm having to lean on her to stay on our cliff. She tells me, "Move your leg over, you are covering me, daddy can't see my pussy!" She says this like I know better than to get between her pussy and her daddy.

Struggling, I have my left leg stretch way out straight and not much of a foothold, and I am clinging to this leg to keep from falling over backwards, tell our girl, "I have to lean against you so I can move my legs, don't you let me fall." She says she won't. Her daddy is laughing.

Drawing up my stretched leg, I find a foothold and feel more secure. I don't have to lean on our girl quite so much. I ask, "Are you ready for a photograph?" She looks at me, looks down, "Momma, too much of your pussy is showing, our pussies have to look dignified and proper." I can't tell if our ornery daughter is pulling my leg or being sincere, "We are sitting on a dirt cliff buck-ass naked with our legs spread showing off our pussies and you're fretting if we look like proper ladies!" She tries to hide her smile but doesn't do well, "Yes, we are classy ladies, our pussies have to look dignified and proper! Now sit up straight then clinch your pussy shut."

Sitting up straight, gravel and sticks are biting at my butt, "Alright, girl, I think we're ready. Does my pussy look proper?" She looks me over, looks down between my legs, "Hold still, momma." She brushes her fingers on her belly then reaches down. Our girl lightly pushes at my pussy, slips a finger in a bit then wiggles. Tell her, "Quit, that's for later!" She slides her finger out then whispers, "Won't be my finger later, this will be my tongue! You love my tongue as much as I love yours." Whisper back at her, "Yes, I do!" My girl whispers, "You're really horny." I ask, "How do you know?" She grins and whispers, "Your pussy is wet and slippery." I look down at hers, "You're also horny, you have dew drops kissing your pussy!" She grins and is careful to keep her voice down, "Those are appetizers for daddy!" She teasingly pinches my lips together and whispers, "Look at daddy, he is huge and hard, he is horny like us!"

Her cowboy hollers, "Are you girls ready?" Before our girl can say naughty words, tell him, "I don't care if we are ready or not, take your photograph, my butt is hurting me something awful!" Our ornery cuss of a cowboy doesn't tell us he has been shooting photos all along so he can later tease us and poke fun at us.

After scrambling and sliding down off that butt biting cliff, our girl trots right over to her daddy standing in water on shoreline, "Daddy! Did my pussy look pretty for you?" She is excited and reassured, tells her, "Sure did, you girls have the prettiest proper pussies an eloquent cowboy gentleman could ever see!"

She stands smiling, quiet and looking at her daddy for a few moments. She chirps, "You're so big momma and me could hang a swing on your dick and play tetherball at the same time with your balls!" He laughs, "I don't mind you and your momma swinging on my dick but you ain't taking turns knocking my balls around!"