Sassy Sashay

A passage from a book of mine. I am young and suffering final throes of psychotic sexual awakening. I am mule headed bound determined to have my way with my cowboy, my then future husband, who struggles to defend my chastity from me, the sexual aggressor!
I walk for a time, stop now and then to toe throw some rocks. Reminds me, I check my shoes hanging around my neck by a shoestring to make sure my socks are still there. Then I remember a romance story, remember a boy taking off his socks to get in bed with a girl, "She slowly and smoothly side-to-side swivels her hips to have her backside more alluring...." Decide to give this a try.

I take a step and twist a bit. Take a step and twist the other way. I do this a bunch of times, feels like I am playing hopscotch. Placing my hands on my hips, I slowly walk and use my hands to make my hips twist. This feels right, just a little bit of twist. Quarter mile up the route, I feel smooth, rhythmic, my butt cheeks fold nice at my legs, feels like they should do that.

I drop my hands down and keep walking. Everything is working! I place a hand on my hip, my other arm starts swinging all on its own, "This is sashaying!" I move my free hand up to my hair like Marlene and keep sashaying. I think about my boyfriend watching me sashay, I get those butterflies in my tummy, I feel those funny lightning bug tingles down there, "He's bound to do what I want! He'll be getting after me like a stallion on a mare!"

Recently a friend and I enjoy lively discussion of old fashion sashay walking. This is a girl's way of walking which is sensuous and sexy yet a comfortable and natural gait. Mother Nature makes us girls specifically for this way of walking.

A timeless and traditional sashay is less aggressive than a snappy strut while more smoothly flowing than a fashion model runway walk. Sashay walking is like a sidewinder slowly sidewards slithering while searching for prey. A sashaying virulent girl is just as sexually deadly as a venomous sidewinder.

This is fun sashaying up our dirt road. I place a hand on a hip and sashay, let my hands swing freely while sashaying, touch my hair, droop my eyelids like in movies, pout my lips, "I got it now! My boy will drop, get big and whinny at me like a stallion fixing to mount a mare!"

Sandra Daugherty, better known as "Sex Nerd Sandra", presents a simple straightforward video on sexy walking, other words, a sashay walk:

Marilyn Monroe putting a fatal bite on boys with her eye-candy lethal sidewinder sashay:

Rupaul is such a dumb boy. Only girls can sassy sashay, Mother Nature sees to this.