At the beginning of time, about six-thousand years back, God creates the heavens and the earth along with flora, fauna, insects and even smelly fish. Sitting on a chewed off tree stump, God gets to thinking, "Darn Brachiosaurus are eating all my trees and Tyrannosaurus are eating all my Apatosaurus. This ain't right." God waves a hand and all dinosaurs become big pools of black crude oil beneath surface of His earth.

Presently, dirt beneath His feet trembles and moans then earth splits and opens. A huge oily shimmering black serpent slithers up from below and starts up coughing and spitting crude oil. This black serpent eyeballs God, "What in Hades is wrong with you? I just about drowned to death in all that oil you sent gushing into my place." God wide-eyed looks, "Who are you?"

Serpent slithers back and forth within sweet meadow grass to cleanse himself of crude oil, "I was fiery red, now look at me, stained to coal black. You do not recognize me, I am the angel whose wings you clipped then locked up in your basement, that place you call Hell." God scratches His noggin, "Now I remember, you are that silver-tongued devil of an angel who seduced my vestal virgin angel girls. You are Lucifer!" Serpent bares his fangs, flicks his long forked tongue, "Yes, I am Lucifer and those young pale skinned girls are delicious delights! Take me to Heaven, God!"

Suddenly standing, God furrows his brow then booms, "I will send you back to Hell!" Serpent is worried he might miss a chance to remain free on earth to enjoy himself and to spread discontent and havoc, "Wait, hold on, rats and maggots tell me you are forever bored. I will tell you how to create the best entertainment you will ever witness for all eternity if you allow me to roam your earth." God stares at Serpent and thinks for a time then makes a deal with Lucifer, "Alright, you may remain here. I am bored, tell me your secret for an entertaining life."

Serpent sly smiles and hisses, "Make a man and a woman in your own image. Make them obsessively concupiscent and lascivious, make your man and woman psychotically satyric and libidinous. I will take care of the rest for you, God!"

God waves His right hand and a handsome man materializes. God makes a left hand motion and a beautiful woman appears. With an index finger He touches forehead of the nude man, "You are Adam the lustful." Forehead of the nude woman is touched, "You are Eve the nymphomaniac." Lucifer, a now black serpent, slithers around feet and legs of this new born couple and hisses, "Come with me, you will eat delicious red apples while I teach you of screaming delights."

Since that forever fateful day, mortals and immortals are enjoying the best show on earth: wild-eyed fornication.

Recently I write for you readers a woman who is hesitant to engage is sex is labeled "frigid". This time I am to write a woman who is willing to engage in sex is labeled "nymphomaniac". Either way, cold or hot, men and headshrinkers say those women suffer mental health issues. Men of the same sexual disposition and nature, no, they are said to be of good mental health.

Genesis reveals quite a tale to tell of enjoying tail: Abel is of Adam seed and Cain is of Serpent seed. Sorting out all those male seeds, Adam or Lucifer, is rather challenging. Genesis suggests Eve procreates with both Adam and Lucifer. She enjoys eating bushels of those delicious red apples.

Abel is born with a twin sister, Aklia. Cain is born with a twin sister, Luluwa. Leaving out a third twin sister, unclear to which brother, Abel is to marry Luluwa his sister and twin sister to his brother, while Cain is to marry his sister Aklia who is twin sister to Abel. Those two brothers, Abel and Cain, take to bickering and fighting because Cain wants to marry his twin sister, Luluwa, who is the more beautiful. Cain murders his brother, Abel.

Serpent keeps his devious word, Lucifer is still conducting the greatest show on earth.

Eve catches all blame for this mixed up marriages and matings mess. Eve is the original sinner, Eve is lustful, Eve enjoys carnal knowledge, Eve is a nymphomaniac. Over the past two-thousand years this sin of Eve is spiritually passed right along to all women today; we women are sinfully guilty at birth.

Meanwhile, men enjoy free rides on backs and bellies of women. Men are free of sin.

Around 1856 year, Dr. Horatio Storer publishes "Cases of Nymphomania" in the American Journal of Medical Science. He details a case of a twenty-four year old woman only identified as "Mrs. B" whom Storer decides is a nymphomaniac. She "enjoys intercourse greatly" with her husband on a daily basis since she is sixteen. Mrs. B details erotic dreams and thoughts of sex with men she casually meets although she would never act out on her fantasies. Her primary concern, after years of daily vigorous sex, is her husband experiencing difficulties attaining and keeping an erection. A reason Dr. Storer gives for this husband's medical condition, his wife is a nymphomaniac; Mrs. B persistently keeps her husband's penis tired and limp.

Dr. Storer prescribes for Mrs. B a numbing borax solution to wash her vagina along with ice cold douches to chill down her heated lust. Storer thoughtfully and graciously writes in his essay, "If she continued in her present habits of indulgence it would probably become necessary to send her to an asylum."

During the late nineteenth century, medical doctors collaborate and issue many advisories on symptoms of this mental health disease, nymphomania. Too much lust, erotic dreams, wildness during sex, a large clitoris, full and thick labia, a warm moist vagina and, of course, blond hair.

Treatments for nymphomania vary wildly and often tragically. Removal of ovaries, hysterectomy, surgical removal of a clitoris, sewing shut labia, caustic chemical douche to burn and scar a vagina. A gruesome treatment for nymphomania is insertion of leeches into a woman's vagina to "bleed away poisons"in her blood stream. Many women die of blood loss.

Dark humor is found in a common medical treatment for nymphomania; daily packing of crushed ice into a woman's vagina.

During my research for this essay I discover a centuries old and a most common outcome of a medical diagnosis of nymphomania is lifetime confinement of a woman in an insane asylum.

Men almost never suffer a diagnosis of nymphomania. This fabricated mental health issue is exclusive to women beginning with the first woman on earth, lustfully sinful Eve. There is a masculine sexist notion which persists to this day: men never succumb to nymphomania. No, at worst men suffer a condition "satyriasis" which has nothing to do with sexual desire. This satyriasis is said to be excessive sexual lust of a man but what terminally testosterone poisoned man doesn't suffer near fatal horniness. Society expects men to be constantly in heat, chasing conquests of women and fathering many babies with different mothers.

Carefully read these common symptoms of satyriasis: vocalizing sexual vulgarities, making obscene gestures, exposure of genitals in public, masturbation in public, sexual assault and rape. Those are symptoms common to a male rapist which has nothing to do with sex. This behavior is a psychotic need of a mentally ill man to have power over and control of women.

An effective treatment for masculine satyriasis is the "Cleopatra Procedure" - castration.

Ultimate bottom line of this masculine sexist notion of nymphomania is a woman who does not strictly adhere to church dogma related to her role in life as subservient to man, a woman who clearly enjoys sex, she is a nymphomaniac. Over here on the right hand of God, a woman who seems chaste is frigid. On His left hand, a woman with a healthy libido is a nympho. Men of God enjoy free rides on this, and free rides on women, just as Serpent promised God: a greatest show on earth featuring the first lascivious nympho ever, Eve.

Recently a trusted friend types out a delightful typo, "Sex-Ex". He is a good boy who is bright, open minded and appreciates diversity in thinking. This typo of his captured my imagination and my sense of real life. We think of an "ex" as a former lover or more often a divorced spouse. Our family enjoys a sex-ex or two or three over our years, maybe four or five, could be more.

A "sex-ex" is a former lover who still comes around to enjoy sex without emotional entanglements of love.

We tease a girlfriend about being a nymphomaniac although not as much of a nympho as our girl and me. However, we are American Indians, our thinking is radically different. We enjoy a mild love affair for near a year. This is a type of enjoyable love with an understanding neither lifetime commitment nor marriage is a goal, more of a lingering passing by in life. She is divorced for a time and she is hoping to find herself a new husband. Meantime, she enjoys both love and sex with our family. Both activities are enjoyments in life almost all need to be healthy and happy.

She is excited, tells us of a dating a boy, a suitor for potential marriage. He is nice, successful in life, we like him but our girlfriend is not fully sure. We are not quite saying goodbye but do know she will not be visiting as often; her new relationship needs tending. She is responsible. In this sense she is an "ex" for our family - a former lover.

Our girlfriend is not really a nymphomaniac nor are we two girls. She enjoys a healthy libido, she loves sex and is comfortable with our love relationship; she feels safe. She is not ready to have sex with her new boyfriend, she needs to first know they are right for each other. Parting is much easier in an absence of intimacy. She doesn't come around for a couple of weeks.

Late, middle of night, a Wednesday, she lets herself in and almost quietly comes into our bedroom. Dark, cannot see much, but we can hear she is giddy and awkwardly stumbling around to remove her clothes. Probably a couple of her favorite Mai Tai drinks during a dinner date with her new boy. She tries not to shake our bed getting in, she thinks we are asleep. Our cowboy starts to move around, she whispers, "Stay still, don't wake your wife." I easily feel her straddling him, she is to rodeo ride. More whispering with a hint of Mai Tai giggling, "Just a quickie, I really need this." Easy enough to know what she is doing. Our girlfriend really gets going and is lustfully mindless. She is certain to know I am awake but I don't let on; we love the girl and want her to enjoy herself. She does.

Half an hour or so, her need for tenderness, love and sex, all are satiated. She does fall asleep on top of our cowboy for a time but wakes, dresses, gives him a kiss and leaves.

She is our "sex-ex". She is trying out a new love and still coming around for good sex..

Over weeks she becomes a Wednesday night regular, she wants and needs to feel special but is not ready to take an intimate step; having sex with her new boy. She feels safe with our family.

She breaks habit, shows up early evening on a Saturday. She is a bit down and a bit mad, "He is going to a baseball game, no girlfriends or wives, just the boys. They will probably get drunk, he might not come back until tomorrow. I don't like this." She comes "home". She seeks safety and comfort with our family. We have our girlfriend spend the night with us. All is well and amusingly Mai Tai giddy.

Our girlfriend is not a nymphomaniac although the religious would think her sinful, think our family sinful, think all of us suffering nymphomania and fit to be institutionalized. She has her needs, her desires and enjoys sex, just like our family. She wants to feel in her heart she is loved and wants to feel in her body she is loved. She is quite normal, quite ordinary and quite loving.

Lucifer doesn't lie but prompts people to deceive themselves. Serpent tells God he will put on the best show on earth and he does, without effort. Sometimes I think black serpent Lucifer is more powerful than God.

Our girlfriend is our sex-ex and a loving sinful Eve by birthright, but not a nymphomaniac.