Smellum Good

Kutcher, owner of the only store in Eagletown, is a mover and a shaker and a go-getter but most of all a typical Okie farmer struggling to take care of his family like all of us. We are all poor.

This boy I madly love is a traditional silver tongued devil of a cowboy. He loves his girls and sure knows how to jingle their spurs. The boy is constantly in trouble with me, I stick crack his head almost daily for his chasing around with my girlfriends.

When I catch my then future husband dead to rights naked down by the lake with a just as naked girlfriend of mine, my cowboy knows first chance I will stick crack his head with a vengeance. Typical boy he thinks buying me a bottle of perfume will persuade me not to ambush him then whack his head with a favorite stick. He gives me perfume, I smell nice when I hit his head.

General store Kutcher is clever about making money, he displays and sells used bottles of perfume typically for a dollar to a couple of dollars depending on size of bottle and how much perfume remains. We are farmers, we do not know much about fancy perfumes but our noses know what smells nice.

A housewife wears a type of perfume for a few months and, being fickle, wants to change her aroma, most likely to attract attention of my sought after Li'l Abner cowboy. She heads for Kutcher's store. He buys used perfume for a quarter, maybe a fifty cent piece. This housewife out to make my cowboy her part time lover sells her perfume to Kutcher then buys a different aroma perfume for a dollar or two. Some of Kutcher's perfumes trade hands a dozen times before empty. All of us girls smell like each other somewhere along our scented trail.

These are a few of my bottles of perfume my cowboy gives me during my late childhood and early teenage years with a hope I will not take a stick to his head. Never works, I always hit his head except for one extra special type of perfume. Yes, I have been clutching close my perfume since the sixties and seventies. This is not the aroma I love, this is those precious memories of our being in love and my stick cracking his head to display my love for my cowboy.

Evyan Most Precious

Caléche Hermes

Guerlain Chamade Extrait


You, the reader, have never come across this perfume package during your life. This is exceptional, this is perfume which is so endearing I pardon my cowboy from a head cracking. Folding case is close to size of a small cell phone. Cover reads, "A Perfume Gift for You".

When opened a pamphlet reads, "Famous Name Perfumes".

Inside reads, "DeLuxe Purs Pak", and on this pamphlet are ten names of perfumes. Backside of this pretty case there are ten glass ampules of perfume about the size of an old fashion wooden kitchen match. Those are called "nips". Ends are color coded to match the pamphlet list. Instructions are to snap off both ends of an ampule and several drops of perfume will come out. I never opened any of these.

My box of precious perfumes are priceless memories which smell wonderful. I hold a bottle, smell around the top and a loving memory rushes right to my heart and mind, a memory of our years together living a rural Oklahoma farming life. I would not sell my perfumes for a million bucks, not even ten-million silver dollars. Those stories I tell our daughter of stick cracking her daddy's head, this special love our family enjoys, neither have a price tag; those are the best perfumes a girl could wear.

Our family prefers blackberry jam for a pleasant scent and a delicious taste. I miss our childhood days when perfumes were floral scents.