Tepee Bedroom

A favorite question of mine to ask mainstream Americans is, "How many bedrooms in a tepee?" A simple question with an obvious answer yet people are baffled by this. I believe this is because they do not know what to make of such a simple rhetorical question. They might think, "What does she mean?"

A traditional Indian will answer at great length. She will speak of no walls dividing our peoples, no doors to close and lock. This Indian will continue by speaking about a tribe being her family with all being mothers and fathers to all children who are all sisters and brothers, "We share a house, we work, eat and sleep together, we are a family of one mind, nothing is taboo, we do not hide anything.

Researching all these white man lies about Pocahontas and her daddy's large and powerful Powhatan confederacy, I come across a white Christian man who fancies himself a cultural anthropologist who specializes in American Indian studies.

You readers well know Pocahontas is kidnaped, brutalized, gang raped and eventually murdered by John Rolfe when she is only twenty-one years old. Her true life is certainly not Walt Disney wonderful.

Near Jamestown, a perfect and authentic replica of a Powhatan house. This beautiful structure will house forty to fifty tribal members. Indian girl is a host and a guide. She is teaching school children about Indians. She is authentic, facial tattoos, red shoulders and forehead, elaborate arm tribal tattoo, necklace and small breast mantle made of pretty bird feathers. There is something inauthentic, she is supposed to be nude, tribes of the Powhatan Confederacy generally do not wear clothes like almost all tribes.

However, I acknowledge she is teaching school kids and must wear white man clothes. If not, she would promptly be outfitted with chrome bracelets then hauled away backseat of a police cruiser to be locked away in prison for life.

I hear tale when mainstream children see a nude adult they are so severely psychologically traumatized they become mindless bug eating zombies who persistently chin drool and require to be institutionalized in an insane asylum for life.

Reading this phoney anthropologist boy he explains those bed platforms are only a foot off ground because campfire smoke becomes thick and lowers down almost to bed level, which is historically two feet off floor. He writes those Indians would suffocate to death if their beds were any higher than a foot.

This white Christian writer casts Indians as too stupid to provide roof vents.

Roof of every Powhatan house has several smoke holes which are adjustable with a tall pole. We Indians are not the "dumb savages" too many believe us to be.

This faux anthropologist continues and writes Powhatan parents send their children off to sleep elsewhere then hang blankets front of their sleeping space so kids and others cannot see them enjoying sex. This never happens, his is an intentional lie.

For most tribes, not all, but a majority our children are right there in bed with us parents while we lovingly enjoy sex. This is part of sex education for our kids; direct observation and direct experience.

Frequently I advise people, "You must chase after truth." This white Christian boy fabricates a false narrative to have American Indians comply with biblical scriptures even if a black lie. Christians absolutely do not tolerate deviance from the Bible. Nothing a Christian writes about American Indians is trustworthy; you must chase after truth.

A tepee does not have a bedroom nor a bedroom door to close and lock to keep children out and, ignorant.