"Unbridled French kissing with a spirited stallion is wild mustang erotic!" - Taha

Stallions and mares have such luscious tongues, wide and an easy foot long, soft, pliable and always wet and slippery. A stallion is exceedingly talented with his tongue. He twists and turns his tongue like a snake to tease and lick at necks and faces of mares and girls. Best talent of a stallion is his slipping his tongue right into a girl's mouth for gentle French kissing. Stallions are wild about this.

Recently I share a short movie with a girlfriend and she cannot not believe her eyes! A girl is showing off her stallion and this handsome stud horse of hers is actively trying to tongue kiss this girl while seducing her to sex. Stallion licks at her neck, licks at her face and all the while trying to slide his tempting tongue into her mouth. Humorous, this stallion owning girl grins and turns her head away, Stallion snakes his tongue around to her mouth. She lifts her head high, clamps her lips together and there is Stallion's tongue trying sneak into her mouth. Quite a surprise for my girlfriend, this stallion is smart, he takes hold of and tries to pull off this girl's top. Stallion is savvy, he knows they cannot enjoy making love while she is wearing clothes!

There are endless myths about our human tongues. Many believe our tongues are muscular love making snakes. Surveying pulp smut for kicks and to keep up with trends in writing, I often read similar lines, "Richard slowly slides his thick tongue into her taut kitty-cat, she enjoys teeth clinching inch-by-inch pleasurable thrills. Then, with suddenness, her lover shoves his tongue in, full depth. She gasps and clutches at his hair to pull him closer and deeper."

This never happens, this is literally impossible. A girl or a boy would need a tongue as long and as strong as a stallion's tongue just to squeeze through a girl's ring of muscles circling her kitty-cat opening.

I have a fun activity for you readers, only takes a few seconds and I sincerely expect you to do this. Place the tip of your tongue behind the inside of your lower lip then press with all your might to push your tongue beyond your lip. You cannot do this, your tongue arches upward and bows. Same happens when trying to push your tongue through a girl's ring of muscles at her vaginal opening.

Certainly you are curious if a big handsome stallion can do this, can find his way in. Well, I'm not going there but will comment a stallion and his tongue do stuff which has a girl gasp and clutch at his bridle to pull him closer and deeper.

Trivia is a mare's clitoris is at bottom of her vulva while a girl's is at top. A mare clitoris is the size of a walnut and super-duper pleasure sensitive. Stallions know to lick there.

A little thought and you realize a human tongue can only extend an inch, maybe an inch and a half beyond lips then runs out of length and muscle. This is enough to delightfully tease a wanting girl but not enough to penetrate her. Mother Nature makes tongues to deliciously dovetail with a girl's easy-to-reach clitoris.

A human tongue is not a muscle rather is a sensory organ, specifically a taste organ. There are some weak muscles attached to a tongue. Those muscles give us an ability to lick and taste, allows us to move food around in our mouths and highly critical to human development of societies, our tongues give us complex languages.

Typically a human tongue can extend out to touch a girl's kitty-cat, press a bit, but this is a limit of our tongues; no more tongue, no more push power.

Pressing face and lips firmly into a girl will have a tongue closer but still not enough for a girl to enjoy tongue intercourse. Much like pushing your tongue against your bottom lip, a tongue pushing at a girl's kitty-cat folds like an accordion or simply bows upward or downward. Inserting a tongue into a girl's vagina is simply not possible despite those lascivious myths you read in your favorite pulp smut paperbacks, unless you, the reader, are a French kissing fourteen hand roan stallion with a three hand tongue. Then just about anything is possible, boy howdy.

Nonetheless, a tongue can most certainly work powerful magic on a girl.

Boys, never suck on a girl's clitoris. This does not excite and for some girls this causes discomfort. A clitoris is not a penis, there is no need to suck. Same for you girls and penises. Sucking sucks, don't suck.

This series of graphics exemplifies the most basic of tongue moves to please a girl to screaming delight. There are endless variations but what really counts is slow, very slow repetitions like set lifting weights.

This tongue rhythm prompts a girl to fingernail dig into a lover's back. Twelve tongue circles in this direction, then twelve tongue circles in the other direction. This is those "repetitions". Do this over and over but not to orgasm, this is for an hour later.

Girls need to "focus" on pleasure feelings. Those repetitious motions give a girl time to feel and isolate what is happening then concentrate on those sensations in her mind and in her body. This is a type of "oneness" of mind and body we girls enjoy.

Slowness is quite important. You boys don't be rat-a-tat-tat Woody Woodpeckers, slow down and be furry caterpillars easing along in pleasurable circles. With girls remember this golden rule: "Slower is Better".

Boys' pleasure sensing nerves are bunched up in a penis head. We girls are different in all things and ways which is why we drive boys crazy; we don't behave like boys.

Girls' enjoy two or three times as many pleasure sensing nerves as do boys. Our pleasure points are spread all around our rather large clitoris structure, not just the tip of our clitorises. Stuff feels good everywhere and each everywhere feels different. All are pleasurable but none are quite the same. This is why we girls need repetitious time to focus on where we are feeling and what we are feeling. Girls need to "map out" our pleasure sensations, each is a bit different.

Hey! Lost boys only have one location on their maps: Penis Head. Most boys cannot find this using both hands.

Use middle of tongue, the broadest and softest part of a tongue to stimulate a girl with side-to-side motions or up and down. Both motions work magic. This wide middle area of a tongue moves both a clitoris tip and surrounding clitoris tissue hidden under skin. Motions of a clitoris beneath skin is highly pleasurable for girls; we are sensitive everywhere. We girls do not have a penis head, we enjoy a clitoris body.

Twelve slow circles this way, twelve slow circles that way, twelve slow side-to-side and twelve slow up and down, then slowly slide your tongue down between inner lips to this delicious magical place, a girl's vagina and slowly back up. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat twelve times ever so slowly.

Repetitions of whichever slow actions are needed to give a girl time to map and enhance what she is enjoying. We are clitoris girls, we are not penis head boys. As you boys know, we women are maddeningly complex.

Similar tongue motions perform quite nicely at a girl's magic place doorway, her vagina. A lover cannot insert a tongue but, oh boy, a lover sure can do other stuff!

Those alternating circles are thrilling. Slow circles, twelve this way, twelve that way. Maybe add twelve slow ups and downs. You boys are to keep count inside your heads, no, this head on your shoulders. Keeping count helps you to focus on a girl and helps to lessen your almost uncontrollable excitement.

This focusing on counting is much like a boy avoiding orgasm by keeping his butt cheeks relaxed. Yes, relax your butts, boys, and you will not climax. Focusing on relaxed butt cheeks has you give more attention to a girl and we women certainly thrive on attention, especially diamond rings and E-class Mercedes!

A gentle but pressing in and out on a girl's front porch I think to be scrumptious! This mimics a feeling of a penis head beginning to enter which, in turn, creates anticipation. Based upon my previous essays all know how important excited anticipation is to really great orgasms, knee buckling orgasms which have a girl fall to floor giggling and gasping!

Don't be Woody Woodpeckers. Most important for girls is slow, planned and repetitious motions of a tongue. Slower is better. We girls need to map out our pleasures to increase our enjoyment. Slow and intense is the way to a girl's screaming orgasm.

"Oh boy! Oh boy! Finally Taha is getting around to what is most important in life, our manly and macho huge penises! Dicks rule!"

Girls, don't suck just like boys are not to suck. Another pulp smut myth is girls must suck to provide pleasure to boys. This myth persists probably a million years. Sucking on a penis does not add any pleasure, this only distracts a girl from performing more pleasurable activities. Can't much use your lips while having to keep a suction seal, yes? Our luscious feminine lips can provide intense pleasure when not busy sucking.

Boys, while a girl is providing you with oral pleasures your goal is to do the same for her; provide pleasure. Your goal is not to jackhammer a hole through back of her head. "Richard is excited watching his massive chisel slamming at her face like a hundred pound pneumatic jackhammer. This sense of power over her is alluring."

Slower is better.

Teasing quickly builds enjoyable and exciting anticipation. Teasing lends to powerful tonsil hosing orgasms for boys. Not sucking frees your girl lips for many delights.

Pleasure sensing nerves of boys are concentrated in a penis head, especially bottom side of a head. A penis head is where a girl may apply her soft lips magic. Talent is working over only a boy's head, just an inch or so inside your mouth. This is exciting for a boy to feel your lips sliding back and forth over his head and his crown, only. Quite a pleasurable sensation for a girl as well.

Teasing this way with lips, a little tickling with tongue, focuses sensations right where boys are the most sensitive; penis head. This is an excellent way to warm up a boy for full oral sex. Move slowly, deliberately, add intensity with your slippery lips. An enjoyable way for a boy is to behave like you are enjoying an ice cream cone, loose lips sliding him in, tight lips drawing him out - a pulling off ice cream from top of a cone.

Girls don't need to keep count but do need to keep track of time. Pleasure point of a boy is his penis head, anything there is exciting. Boys pleasure sensors are grouped in one spot, the head. Boys are simple penis heads while girls are complex clitorises.

Time is important. An average boy only needs intense stimulation for three to five minutes to squirt. Lips wrapped around his head is darn intense. There are signals a boy is getting there but are easy to miss; boys do not thrash about and moan and groan like us girls. Should a boy's penis suddenly swell, especially at root, finish him off, he is already beyond his point of no return.

Dramatically change what you are doing every two minutes or so, move away from head activity. Sliding up his belly and chest then French kissing is a good way to cool off a boy. If he is super excited, sit on his face and smother him, for a time.

There is an optimum insertion length for boys. This is about two inches and allows for tongue play with a head and lip play on a main body shaft. An advantage is helping a boy not orgasm too soon, you want to delay this for about an hour.

This advantage at optimum distance is a girl flattening her tongue bottom of mouth and allowing a penis head to simply lie on her tongue with little or no stimulation while lips are quite busy elsewhere. Having lips working on shaft just behind a crown provides quite a bit of pleasure but not as intense as a head. A girl can "cool down" a boy while his penis remains in place inside her mouth.

A boy's pleasure sensing nerves dramatically thin out behind a crown on down to near root where there are virtually no pleasure sensations. A boy generally cannot orgasm by shaft stimulation only. He feels pleasure, be sure, but not enough to take him there.

A girl not sucking frees her to use her lips to control when a boy enjoys orgasm. The longer a delay, the more powerful an orgasm - move slow, very slow.

Boys, give close attention. There is a maximum distance for a penis in mouth. Talking with girlfriends, researching and reading, I would say three inches is absolute maximum. There is a distinct disadvantage this far in. A penis head is behind a tongue, a girl cannot bend her tongue backwards to play with head. Other point is her lips are far down a boy's shaft where there are few pleasure sensing nerves, maybe none.

Three inches should be a stopping point when a girl is bobbing her head to give a boy this "in and out" pleasure sensation. A risk is a boy might thrust in way too deep.

Presidential candidate Linda Lovelace is more famed for her "Deep Throat" movie. All of you readers are to know there is no pleasure in deep throating, neither for a boy nor for a girl. This is nothing more than a traveling carnival freak sideshow - sword swallowing. There is no enjoyment and there is serious risk of pain or injury for both a boy and a girl. Do not do this, deep throating is a dangerous pulp smut myth.

Gag reflex is always bad news. This is typically an end result of trying deep throat. A penis touching a girl's "uvula" causes gag reflex. Touching roof of mouth near uvula, a girl will gag. Simply penis touching back of a girl's tongue - instant gag often resulting in vomiting up bile, other words, stomach acids.

Splashing a penis with stomach acids is not good. Those acids instantly begin digesting a penis. This is not a type of "eating" which is enjoyable. Boys, imagine feeling a burning pain then pulling out only to discover half of your penis is gone and what is left is curling up acid fumes and smoke. A bit of exaggeration there but this might help you boys to remember to never gag a girl, this is abusive.

Licking a boy up one side and down the other is an excellent warm-up for full-on oral sex. This licking is also good for cooling down a boy to prevent his squirting too soon. Licking should be slow and playful and easily watched by a boy. Much of this turn-on is visual not physical. Tickling a boy's penis head with tip of tongue is an erotic visual!

Licking becomes more pleasurable up close to head. This is related to my discussion of more pleasure sensing nerves near head than down by root. A way our cowboy really enjoys is full length licking for a time, then licking from halfway up to head then finally playful teasing licking of his head only. This helps to build anticipation excitement; he cannot wait for a tongue to get up there to his head!

Make sure your boy can watch, like propped up on comfortable pillows.

No sucking! Sliding a boy's dick slowly in and out between lips is a dandy. Your lips are free to tease, to loosen and tighten, to pout puff or even chew sans teeth. Heck, toss in some tongue teasing while doing this!

This is a certain advantage of not sucking a penis. You can use your lips to the fullest and full lips certainly feel good whether on a dick or a clit. My husband likes being milked like a cow. This is loose lips slowly going in and tight lips slowly going out, just like milking. I like tongue teasing a bit when in, makes him tighten up all over.

Lip sliding is a good follow-up for length licking. Both are a type of heavy foreplay.

Slow tongue circling a penis head is most useful. This action can be mixed in with length licking and lip sliding or simply a stand-alone act. Circling a head, teasing this way, will have a boy orgasm usually sooner than later.

Method is same as clitoris, make circles this way then make circles the other way while tossing in some variety. This hyper-excites all those pleasure sensing nerves packed into a boy's penis head.

A final act. This works great for when a girl is ready to have a boy squirt in her mouth and don't we girls love this! Yummy, good for the tummy!

Use middle of tongue, the widest and softest part of a tongue. Curl up your tongue a bit bottom side of a boy's penis head, press slightly on the firm side then extra slowly massage him from tip to just behind his crown, a back and forth motion. When he begins to become extra firm and swells, press more firmly and move a little faster. He will squirt within a minute or two.

Bottom side of a boy's penis head is the most pleasure sensitive, this is his magic spot.

An unsolicited eye witness testimony to this effectiveness of methods discussed. We are enjoying a threesome. I am stretched out on our bed watching, playing, fondling and otherwise being naughty. Our lover is leaning back against comfortable pillows while she provides lip and tongue play. My husband is on knees front of her making those slow and gentle in and out motions.

She takes him there, he does, couple minutes he pulls out. Right off she blurts, "You squirted right on the back of my throat, you squirted right down my throat. I love this when you fuck my face!" She provides tongue and lips action, he provides in and out, they are in perfect dancing rhythm.

Those methods I discuss are simple basics. You, the reader will mix and match and add many of your own favorite tricks. There are some important points made.

Most obvious is my emphasis on going slow, very slow. The slower the better. Sex should last for an hour, more preferably for two hours or more. Slow builds excitement of anticipation which leads to powerful orgasms. Do not be a Woody Woodpecker.

Be careful not to fall into those myth traps of pulp smut and cheap porno. You cannot insert a tongue into a girl and deep throat is not enjoyable. Don't be fooled by myths.

Very important, be gentle. Don't gag a girl. This is not cool.

Take your time, go slow, be playful, have your pleasure last a longtime. This is cool.