Every other day a Jewish vampire kills an eight day old baby boy. Death is inflicted by transmission of a lethal infectious disease or bleeding to death during blood letting. Orthodox Jews call these vampires, "mohel". Most macabre, Jewish parents willingly give over their infant boys to mohel for a blood feeding ritual, "metzitzah b'peh". Hundreds of week old baby boys die at the hands of and fangs of mohel vampires each year. Over in New York city, estimates are mohel blood feed upon five-thousand to ten-thousand baby boys annually.

An ancient and atrocious ritual is practiced by Jews most often upon a sacrificial alter. An eight day old infant boy is laid out on alter top and held down by hands of his mother and his father. A highly revered mohel vampire takes hold of the penis foreskin of this victim baby boy, slices off his foreskin then this mohel orally sucks blood out the baby's cut and bleeding penis.

Mohel vampires inflict death upon a boy infant in two common ways, viral infection and bacterial infection. While sucking and feeding upon blood from a baby's penis, those vampires typically infect a victim infant with a variety of a herpes simplex virus. This is almost always lethal to an infant because his immunity system is not fully developed.

A herpes infection typically spreads throughout a baby's body and specifically attacks eyes and brain. Symptoms are a fiery fever, horrible blisters and brain death. A baby usually succumbs to death within a few days. This photo is a baby boy of many documented as killed by a mohel vampire. Those gruesome vampires are not held responsible nor accountable and still blood feed on baby boys as I type.

A bacterial infection given by a mohel while sucking on a little boy's bleeding penis is as horrifying. Early onslaught a boy's penis suffers gangrene and necrosis; his penis rots and falls off. Should this bacterial infection become widespread in a baby's blood system, death is a certainty, a terribly painful death.

All this misery, suffering, blood letting and death is a direct result of fanatical faithful alter sacrificing baby boys to satiate this blood lust of the Christian god.

Death by circumcision is deliberately and deceitfully concealed within statistics. Of the top ten killers of babies listed by the American Centers for Disease Control in 2006 year, death by "sepsis of newborn" is number eight and "neonatal hemorrhage" is number nine. This word "sepsis" means a blood infection. This "hemorrhage" is bleeding to death. There is a deceptive trick used with bleeding to death, adding "neonatal" which means within the first four weeks of life. Easy to realize those medical expressions hide "death by circumcision".

Proponents of circumcision are psychotically deceitful about their purpose and cause when sexuality is involved. This is easy to notice in graphics and easy to read in their flimflam claims.

This type of graphic is almost always used by those pushing an agenda of circumcision for all boys. Real life photos are virtually never used and a "natural penis" is depicted as suffering a funny looking foreskin which covers the entirety of a penis head and is pinched shut at end. This is intentional deceit of omission; about half of penises are not this way. Our family knows, we are nudists, we have and do look at and photograph a thousand and more penises.

Always drawings, never actual photographs of penises. Watch how this intentional graphical lying so smoothly works.

A frequent false claim of circumcision clowns is, "You must circumcise your baby boy because he will want to look like other boys." Those lying penis cutters hold up a graphic of a boy like you see on your left, a "natural" penis, "Look how ugly he is! Your little boy does not want to look like this, have him circumcised!"

Boy howdy, you boy readers are looking at this photo of a girl holding up a penis and silently thinking, "I wish my penis were like his! I'm going to get myself circumcised." This is a type of deceit penis whackers practice; omission of truth. This photo of a girl holding up a penis, and this will raise an eyebrow or two, is our daughter holding up her daddy's penis for this photograph.

This is my deceitful trick, our cowboy is NOT circumcised nor is he aroused, he is flaccid, relaxed, the boy almost always looks this way. My husband enjoys plenty of foreskin but his penis head is rarely covered by his foreskin. His foreskin simply bunches up behind his crown.

Our visual experiences at nudist resorts, nudist beaches and other is about half of boys who are not circumcised look like our cowboy and the other half look like the boy in the photo with his penis covered up by foreskin. A circumcised penis is easy to spot, we see this instantly; oddly different in appearance.

Rather than itemize and dispel endless lies of circumcision proponents, some truths.

Like you, the reader, I don't recognize most of those medical expressions but I certainly know "estrogen receptors" and "dorsal nerves".

"It may seem somewhat contradictory but the opposite sex's hormones are what turn on your brain. Estrogen receptors arouse males and testosterone receptors arouse females."
- Abraham Harvey Kryger, "A Woman's Guide to Men's Health"

Estrogen receptors lining penis foreskin are a fairly recent discovery. Various institutions, including our federal National Institutes of Health, have discovered those male estrogen receptors regulate how a baby boy's penis develops. Research is baby rats with those receptors removed develop malformed and dysfunctional penises along with suggestion of abnormal gender specific behaviors: male traits versus female traits.

Bundled within dorsal nerves of a penis are ten-thousand to twenty-thousand pleasure sensing nerves. Circumcision removes many of those nerves. From research by the Department of Urology, Ghent University Hospital in Belgium:

"For the glans penis, circumcised men reported decreased sexual pleasure and lower orgasm intensity. They also stated more effort was required to achieve orgasm, and a higher percentage of them experienced unusual sensations... This study confirms the importance of the foreskin for penile sensitivity, overall sexual satisfaction, and penile functioning."

Circumcision began as fabricated religious dogma in Genesis of the Bible. This equally fictional Christian god demands all boys at eight days old have their foreskins cut off and blood sucked from their penises by a mohel vampire. This is a blood letting ritual suggestive of a worship of evil; barbaric and cruel. Over two-thousand years circumcision is so mainstreamed almost all peoples of our world believe circumcision is a good choice.

Fanatical supporters of circumcision constantly employ deceit to convince parents to have their baby boys suffer genital mutilation which too often results in horrifying disfigurement and death.

People are fearful to report injury or death by circumcision. They fear being ridiculed and shunned by the faithful, churches and their community peers. This is deceit, fear and social pressure which allows continued and needless circumcision.

Each year thousands of baby boys are killed by circumcision and tens of thousands of baby boys are injured and maimed for life by circumcision. This is not a good health practice, this is macabre butchering of infant boys in the name of God. Then there are girls who suffer worse.