Belly Dancing Videos!

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Egyptian dancer BouBouka appearing in a 1957 Joe Bonico short documentary clip. I dubbed in music for this video.

Kawakib, a Lebanese dancer, starring in "Safar Barlik" (The Exile) back in 1966 year.

Vintage risque dancer Nejla Ates starring in "Son of Sinbad" a 1955 movie.

Debra Paget starring as Princess Shalimar, disguised as Tara the dancing girl. 1954 - "Princess Of The Nile".

Lebanese Lorraine Shalhoub, "Little Egypt", dancing with Paul Revere & The Raiders in a Batman episode of the Sixties.

Princess Rajah filmed by Thomas Edison back in 1904 year. You must watch this exciting film!

Shirley (Lisa) Nelson - Lisa (Leila) Guiraut belly dancing in "From Russia With Love" a James Bond movie.

Silliness from Barbara Eden and belly dancers in an "I Dream Of Jeannie" episode!

Tanya Lemani starring as "Kara" in a 1967 episode of Star Trek, "Wolf In The Fold".

Mary Ellen Tillotson, stage name "Kalantan", performing her version of Buddha Dance.