Chahta Nan Isht Apesa Imponna

"Choctaw Artisan"

This page will provide you with an excellent introduction to Choctaw arts, crafts and cultural traditions, in a photojournal format, with credit given to Choctaw Dot Org for their wonderful work.

A number of links following will lead you to specific areas of art and crafts developed over thousands of Chahta years. Click on any picture to open a new window which provides detailed discussion of your chosen topic area. Nice pictures and excellent historical perspectives for you to enjoy, compliments of Choctaw Dot Org.

Kishi! Beautiful "basket" weaving, a true art of great antiquity.

Chepulli! Traditional ceremonial "dances" of a spiritual nature.

Ilefoka! Colorful "dress" and ceremonial clothing.

Alepa Boli! "Drummers" are an essential spirit of music.


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