Chahta imanumpa ish anumpola hinla ho?

"Do you speak Choctaw?"
Charley Jones

Lots of new lessons and new audio files are added. Get busy, this will take you a month of Sundays to keep up with me.

Our deepest gratitude is extended to Gregg Howard, executive producer of Various Indian Peoples Publishing Company for providing source material and recordings used here in our Choctaw Language pages. Gregg Howard has graciously provided explicit written permission to share Various Indian Peoples Publishing copyrighted material, for the benefit of our internet community and for the benefit of all people.

A special thanks to Charley Jones, a Chahta elder being born in 1917, who lives in Idabel, Oklahoma, just a handful of mule miles from our family's birthplace, Eagletown, Oklahoma. Charley provides many audio sources, spoken in native Sixtowns Choctaw Dialect.

Many excerpts are sourced from "A Dictionary Of The Choctaw Language" written by Cyrus Byington back in 1909. This Choctaw dictionary, the only in existence, is provided by the Smithsonian Institution's Bureau Of American Ethnology. Excerpts from Byington's Dictionary are protected under Federal "Fair Usage" policies. Byington's dictionary is available online at prices ranging from twenty dollars to fifty dollars. Do shop around for a good price, with a good average price being around thirty dollars.

Your best choice for American Indian educational sources is Various Indian Peoples Publishing. They provide very nice language packages for many native tongues. Their site also features many other resources, including enjoyable diverse American Indian topics and news. Please visit with Various Indian Peoples Publishing, you will be absolutely delighted.

An excerpt from Various Indian Publishing,

Since 1988 - Publishing, Producing and Promoting American Indian Languages and Cultures. Twice nominated for American Business of the Year by the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Texas. Our programs can also be seen in the Smithsonian, the Eitlejorg, the Gilcrease, and other prestigious museum stores....

Both Greg Howard and Various Indian Peoples Publishing have provided tremendous amounts of reference material making our Chahta language lessons possible. Great folks contributing much to all communities and to all cultures. Various Indian Peoples Publshing is truly your best source for American Indian reference and educational materials. Their prices are very fair and their quality is exceptionally high. They are the best, no argument. Do visit with Various Indian Peoples Publishing! You will learn a lot! Click on the feather below to visit Various Indian Peoples Publishing. Please visit with them!

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Ready to learn?
Chahta imanumpa ish anumpola hinal ho? Chahta iskitini anumpuli li!
"Do you speak Choctaw? I speak a little Choctaw!"

These following links are divided into logical blocks, each containing basic introductory material which is easy to learn and none are overwhelming. Charlie Jones provides audio examples for almost all words and phrases, so you can actually hear Chahta being spoken! All audio files are compressed wav format; small and fast loading. Various Indian Peoples Publishing provides a basic format for these lessons, with some personalized words and phrases included by Okpulot Taha, your dubious hostess.

Please enjoy my Choctaw Language Lessons, American Indian Photos, Songs, Lore, Arts And Crafts! Learn well, we may speak someday around Eagletown, Oklahoma.

Click on a feather to being your journey in my American Indian culture!

click this feather Isht Ala - Introduction: Why you need to forget na hollo imanumpa "language of white men."

click this feather Apisa Achuffa - Lesson One: Basic enunciation, tense and grammar syntax.

click this feather Apisa Tuklo - Lesson Two: Simple greetings, questions and counting numbers.

click this feather Apisa Tuchina - Lesson Three: Seasons, time and temporal tense.

click this feather Apisa Ushta - Lesson Four: People, relatives and things.

click this feather Apisa Tahlapi - Lesson Five: Food and drink.

click this feather Apisa Hannali - Lesson Six: Animals.

click this feather Apisa Untuklo - Lesson Seven: Weather and direction, north, south, east and west.

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