Apisa Ushta

"Lesson Four"
Okpulot Taha

Chahta Issish - Chahta Immi

Choctaw Blood - Choctaw Owner

Chahta okla! Chahta yakni! Chahta Okpulot Taha!

An expression I enjoy shouting out just to annoy folks.

Choctaw people! Choctaw land! Choctaw Crazy!

There is a Chahta anumpa which bugs me almost as much as California left liberal damselflies. This word is "hattak". Our traditional word  hattak  means "person". There is no gender. This can be a man, a woman or this can be "they" or "them". Our traditional "hattak" is a generic catchall for "human being". I will return you to traditional.

  hattak   haht-tahk - a person or people, no gender, male or female.

Some of this is regional dialect, some is personal preference. Our modern Choctaw insists this means "man". Not so, if you honor tradition. Please use "hattak" to mean a person or people. This is our traditional meaning.

These are common vocabulary words you need to know before discussion of bloodline relationships and marriage relationships. All are common words you will use on regular basis. Memorize these words, you need to know these.

Enunciation note: first "a" like "above" for every "alla" type word, "ah" versus "eh" - ahl-lah.

  allunsi   ahl-loun-see - a baby or babies, infant.
  alla   ahl-lah - a child or children.
  alla tek   ahl-lah teak - a girl child or girl children.
  alla nakni   ahl-lah knock-knee - a boy child or boy children.
  ohoyo   oh-ho-yo - a woman or women.
  nakni   knock-knee - a man or men.

You realize now my objection to using  hattak  to mean "man" or "men". We have a traditional word for this,  nakni  - a man or men. Rendering "hattak" into "man" leaves us without a word for "person" nor "people". Use "hattak" for "person". Use "nakni" for a "man". Either form can be plural as you know.

People argue our word  okla  means "person" or "people" and is good enough. Nope, ain't eating their mule manure. Those who use "okla" to mean generic "people" are insulting our ancestors. Our word "okla" is very old, very ancient. This word, "okla", refers to a clan or a tribe. Okla is like our English "peoples" which refers to a cultural group which is plural. Only use "okla" for a special and unique group of peoples: Chahta Okla - Choctaw Peoples. Chahta Okla - Choctaw Nation.

Oklahoma - red people not red man. Peoples! Plural! Very special people!

Damn Christians, always messing around with our traditional words.

You know there will be quiz next page. You should memorize those words, NOW.

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