Chahta Itatakvli

"Choctaw Links"

click this feather Understanding Choctaw Names
A site developed by Rita Law which will help you to understand how Chahta Okla make use of many names, and why our names change over time.

click this feather Choctaw Daily Life
Nice collecton of essays on Choctaw daily life by James and Marcia Foley. Rainmakers, ponies, social traditions, basketry, ancient customs.

click this feather Choctaw Burials, Customs and Superstitions
Despite historical claims of American Indians being pagan, here you will learn American Indians are deeply religious and have been so much longer than Anglos.

click this feather Choctaw Diet And Food
Chahta, a nation of farmers! Learn about cultural Choctaw diet, some very tasty! There are some receipes for you to try at home, Pashofa and Banaha

click this feather Choctaw Clothing
Chahta traditional clothing from ancient times to modern times! Here you will learn how to make your own traditional Choctaw dress, from start to finish. Sew by hand for fun!


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