Ataloa Nana Kaniohmi

"Ceremony Songs"

New for 2007, authentic recordings of American Indian ceremonial songs. Many of these recordings are extremely rare, possibly amongst the few remaining recordings outside of museums such as the Smithsonian. Some recordings date back to the nineteen-twenties and nineteen thirties. Others range up to the nineteen-sixties. Many different tribes perform lovely music for your curious ears!

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High quality recordings, circa 1960 - 1970. Forty recordings, war songs to love songs!

Digitally remastered, RCA Victor recordings, circa 1920 - 1930. Three songs of great antiquity!

Live field recordings, circa 1920 - 1930, four songs including one song of the extinct Yahi tribe.

Circa 1920 - 1930, eight Kiowa round dance songs. Remastered to good quality.

Blackfoot grass songs, circa 1940 - 1950 of good quality. "American Indian Sound Chief."


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