Sexism! As old as the oldest profession, sexism has been around for a long while. Sexism is not gender specific. Sexism is displayed by both men and women. However, a masculine ego tends to display sexism much quicker than will a feminine ego. These ample displays of sexism by men are typically motivated by an aggressive masculine ego, which, more often than not, needs to be muzzled and leashed.

These pages are spoofs on male based sexism, are spoofs on typical masculine behavior. Such an easy target for sarcasm are men! No, this is not a "feminazi" rant webpage nor a site devoted to degrading men. No need to degrade men, they do that well enough on their own! Nonetheless, it is important to remember what I have stated, "Sexism is displayed by both men and women." Boys, if you don't like these spoofs, tough luck. Take your "Good 'Ol Boy" attitude and personal problems elsewhere, like one of the millions of websites which deliberately degrade women. Hint: go visit your favorite hardcore pornography site.

click Banana Biagra! Forget Viagra, forget all those other drugs to pump up your fragile masculine ego! Billyray's Banana Biagra is all you need to feel like a REAL MAN although penis size has nothing to do with being a real man. Banana Biagra will drive you bananas!

click Man-Thing! Girlfriend! This is YOUR page! Tired of your current Neandertal Man-Thing? Well, get rid of that Belch Beer drinking beer bellied no good couch potato who pees everywhere except in the toilet bowl! Man-Thing! is your answer to a wonderful life, and a wonderful sex life! Man-Thing is completely free to women!

click Woman-Thing! Boyfriend! This is YOUR page! However, women like this page more than men. Ok, boyfriend, so you are a fat lazy sexist pig. You want to be a true gentleman. Woman-Thing! is your answer! Learn to become a real gentleman! Get laid more often! Girlfriends, you will simply love Woman-Thing!

click Inspiration For Women Inspiring words for women, sage sayings, wise words and quite a bit of humorous hearsay! Boys, want to learn some of the innermost thoughts of women? Grit your teeth and visit Inspiration For Women! You boys might want to slip a stainless steel codpiece over your fragile masculine egos.

click A Sweet Story! Do you have a sweet tooth for saucy sexy eye candy? Don't we all! Here is a story which will sweeten your lips and stick to the roof of your mouth! Speaking of which, what do you get when you cross a donkey with peanut butter? A piece of ass which sticks to the roof of your mouth!

click Feminine Point Of View Boys, boys, boys! You are always exasperated by not being able to see a woman's point of view. Fret no more! Here is your chance to catch a glimpse of our world, as we women see it! Look through the eyes of a woman and enjoy enlightenment!