Billyray, a local goat roping, cowboy hat wearing

looking for excitement and fun, decides on his

he will rustle up Taha Hershey and steal some

hoping that sweet piece of sugar will give him a

Billyray finds Taha, smiles, then romantically

her off her feet and takes her behind the

located over on the ever so busy

Taha grins and exclaims, Billyray give me lots of  

Billyray gives her a big wink then

He smiles, Sweetheart, kisses! I am hoping to  

Taha, baby! You have yourself a big long  

Can't you see, for you I have a delicious juicy  

Taha gasps, Goodness gracious! That is one heck of a  

Be gentle, my darling Billyray! I can only  

YEE HAW! he thinks then begins fondling her firm

You know what he then does with his huge

Little Ms. Hershey giggles then begins screaming

Oh baby! Oh baby! You feel like a giant red hot  

Closing her eyes, she whispers Oh Billyray, you are better than the  

Please! Oh please loving Billyray! I want you to  

of my sweet delicious hot little tight and wet  

Which he does causing sweet Ms. Hershey to holler out loud

Billyray mutters, My name ain't Henry,   and gives her some

Well, ol' ornery horndog Billray most certainly does

on what later indeed turns out to be a very fateful

Over coming months, tasty eye candy Taha Hershey becomes a bit

Darn if nine months later she doesn't give Billyray a sweet little